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Friday, June 18, 2021

GMR Gate to Shack

Rico was on fire today

I knew Rico was going to kick my ass today. I got the notion when I saw him on Wednesday's Bud's ride and he went long as we made our loops around the park. On Bud's he looked strong. I went right on Raging Waters Dr. expecting him to do the same and, NOPE, Rico continued up and over to San Dimas Ave.

I met Rico at his house today and we headed to GMR. I struggled to keep his pace and that first climb up to the gate on GMR was hard. Rico kept the pace lively and eventually I had to back off. When I got to the top of Monroe I asked him how long he was waiting. He said 45 minutes then laughed. Jerk!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wednesday Bud's Ride

That was a hustle

I can't remember the last time I did the Wednesday Bud's ride. I forgot how painfully fast Bud's is. That's a good thing because gone are the memories of trying to hold a wheel at an insane pace. I forgot how the pace never eases up on Puddingstone Drive and how the speed seems to intensify as we make our way to Brackett Field. Oh and that second and third time around the park when we enter from Via Verde, no one slows down. Somehow you have to keep it together for the hill and through the guard shack. After entering the park you hit a short downhill section. Keep pedaling and grab a wheel on the descent or you will get dropped. I forgot how important it is to keep your momentum through the rollers on the south side of the park in preparation for the climb out of Bonelli onto San Dimas Ave (or enough momentum to take you just outside the park for that right hand turn to the dam).

I haven't done the Bud's ride in years and I am glad. That was enough time to replace the pain and suffering with more nostalgic memories. Memories of giving it your best, hustling in and around the park, tucking in and holding your line, and that relaxed ride back to Starbuck among friends. I had a great time last night and look forward to doing it again.

Location Day Time Pace
Starbucks in Claremont Every Wednesday 5:15 pm Painfully Fast

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Two Wheel Tuesday

Well that was a hot ride

Yesterday I went to the beach in the morning with the family. Instead of my usual morning ride with Michael, I decided on meeting up with Demi and Warren for the Two Wheel Tuesday ride (2WT). I have to give a big thumbs up to them for keeping 2WT alive through this past year. The evening was hot, my guess is it was in the 90s. To the west there was smoke in the air. I think someone said it was coming from Sante Fe Dam.

As we made our way around Bonelli you could feel the heat. When we stopped to regroup your body didn't have time to cool down. We all sweated as we waited. Starting back up again was nice once the sweat evaporated off our skin. The cooling from the evaporation lasted only a few minutes until Jose or Warren decided to step up the pace and then it was back to a hot dry hustle. At Cannon, Jon surged and forced Warren and Rico to chase. Jon barely got the win. On Baseline, Jose kept the pace up. I was hoping for some reprieve on Baseline. Come on man, give me a break! On Mills Jon was back at it again. Jose was working to close the gap made by Jon. It was a struggle then Warren helped out to bridge to Jon. Once we made the right turn onto Mt. Baldy I was cooked. On Padua, I backed off as everyone seemed to speed up, good bye!

Location Day Time Pace
LaVerne Brewery Every Tuesday 6:30 pm Lively

Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday Crazy Legs

Hot Hot Hot

Boy was today's Crazy Legs ride hot. At one point Monte's Garmin said the temperature as 90 degrees. With the higher temps, I left the house around 6:15 am to get some extra credit miles before Crazy Legs. That was a goods idea. At CL today Jose and Carl showed up for the ride. I haven't seen Carl on this ride since forever and Jose is just a cool dude to ride with. Monte was at the ride despite doing two races on Sunday. Monte is a beast. Liz also showed up today to my surprise. Yesterday she rode to Crystal Lake. I guessed she'd take today off but again, I was wrong. Balmore rode in from Fontana and is slowly closing the YTD gap between me and him. He will definitely overtake me in terms of annual miles. Jennifer and Frank also made it out today. As usual Frank, Monte and Balmore kept the pace lively.

Location Day Time Pace
Euro Cafe Every Monday 8:15 am Generally moderate

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Marshall Canyon with Nat

Nat is up for riding around town.

Lately Nat and I have been riding around town in the afternoons. This week we rode up Thompson Creek Trail to Padua Park. It was mostly paved but I did take her on a few dirt paths to see how she handles them. A few days ago we rode to the base of Marshall Canyon and up a couple miles to the swing just before you enter the golf course. Natalie handled the contours of the trail just fine. She had to hike a bike a few sections but I have no doubt she'll learn to navigate through water crossings and the steeper climbs

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Montrose 8 am

If I don't listen to Tai I'll be okay

Okay, so I planned this week's rides around Montrose. After last weeks fiasco (I got dropped), I wanted to make sure I had enough legs to hang with the 8:00 am group. I rode Monday to Thursday and purposely left Friday off so my legs could recover for the Montrose Showdown. Is it a showdown if no one knows I am racing on a "friendly group ride"? Truthfully there is nothing too friendly about Montrose. You want in, NOPE, you got a flat, TO BAD. You're tired, OH WELL. Of course people know each other but it's just a different type of group ride.

Last week just riding out with the group to Montrose was a struggle, today not so much. I felt good and there was a number of people riding out to rotate pulls on the front. Mike O and Manny (from Two Hubs Cycling Boutique) did most of the work up front but I helped a little as well. We made it to the meet up destination with about 10 minutes to spare so of course we all used the bathroom and then took a group photo. The take a leak then group photo is important. I just hope my bicycle friends washed their hands before putting them on my shoulder for a photo.

Once Montrose got underway the pace was fine. We had a lot of red lights this time and no one surged too hard at the green. The group itself was massive. The sunrise comes earlier as we head into the summer and along with it brings much warmer temperatures. It's easier to get out of bed when its not freezing cold in the morning. Hey, at this point, I sleep on top of the comforter because its so damn hot at night. So the group was massive, I swear it's time to bring back the 8:30 am group. The further you are from the front the more pronounced yoyo effects, sudden stops, and general chaos are felt. Of course with 100s of riders on the road at once, we bleed into multiple lanes and frustrate vehicles.

I tried to stay "closer" to the front. Maybe the front half of the group but definitely not ON THE FRONT. When I passed Tai he yelled to, "get up there," but this time I ignored his advice. Not this time! No need to blow up before the Kitchen Sink. The group's pace was tame and I made it over to San Dimas Ave. without totally killing myself. The Kitchen Sink is generally painful but this time it was manageable. After San Dimas Ave. my ride is done and I head home. Another good day on the bike without flats.

Location Day Time Pace
Trader Joes So. Pasadena Every Saturday 8:00 am 20 to 30 mph

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