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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carl and Pat on the Sh!t Bike

I took the Sh!t bike to the office. It's going to be the errand runner. After a ride with Carl on the handlebars, I got off the bike and Carl decided to demonstrate his mad bicycle skills!

Then Pat, the BMX Extraordinaire, took control of the bike to one up Carl. He looked very promising but it didn't end all that great.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carlos makes it to Mt. Baldy

On the road by 6:30 am and heading to GMR and Sierra Madre, Carlos and I were making good time. We were the first to our staging area and soon after, Michael, Bill and Annette showed up. David came in a few minutes late but who's counting!

This was Carlos' first time up GMR and he did great. GMR is not an easy climb and Carlos' training consisted of trips trailering his son from Rancho to Claremont (Enough Said).

Michael, David and I rode at a fair pace up to the first saddle before I decided to turn back to check on Carlos. I found him a few minutes below cruising along and we rode together from the first saddle to the maintenance shed. At the shed David and Michael were patiently waiting for us. Carlos and I rested while David and Michael decided to trek ahead. This was the last time we saw them today.

The last 12 miles of GMR to Mt. Baldy proved challenging for Carlos. It was hot, and he flatted at about Fork plus 2.

Funny story. So we are riding along and I notice his rear tire is losing air. We pull over, I break out the tire levers, CO2 and a fresh tube. I hand Carlos the spare tube and proceed to remove his wheel from the frame. Tire levers out and I pull the tire from the rim and the tube is out. I quickly hand the tube to Carlos and run my hands on the inner side of the tire to check for thorns. I found the thorn, pull it out and voila, I am ready to install the spare tube...

I look to Carlos and in each hand is an inner tube! DOH, they are identical in brand, size and color! I ask him which is the good tube and he doesn't remember. You don't remember! We guess, I put the tube in, connect the CO2 gun and blast away. Phssssssssh, goes the tire as CO2 is forced into the tube. The tire is inflated and I quiet ssssssssssssss is coming out from the spot I pulled the thorn out. Sh!t! I can't believe it, I picked the tube with a hole!

One CO2 cartridge left... Okay I pull the tube out and throw it aside (Like three feet away). As I put the "new" tire/tube together and blast it with CO2, I start to wonder what are the odds of my spare being bad too. One CO2 cartridge left, that would suck! Blast away! The tube was good.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sh!t Bike debut - Open Road by Montgomery Ward

My latest project, a 1970's Open Road by Montgomery Ward. Stripped all the excess and made it my own. Meme and I are planing a Sh!t bike ride soon. Something short, with stops at taco joints and coffee shops along the way.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Follow Up - Irvine Mud Run

I am happy to announce we took second in our class of 83 racers! We were beat out by Team Jesus! Is that a sign?

Our Team: I AM Mud
Team Captain: Daniel Lair
Team Members: Jason, Troy and Carlos

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Irvine Mud Run

The day was Hot!

Jason, Troy, Carlos, Dan

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Every Day and Every Way, Getting Stronger and Stronger!

Every Day and Every Way Getting Stronger and Stronger,
Every Day and Every Way Getting Stronger and Stronger,
Every Day and Every Way Getting Stronger and Stronger,
Every Day and Every Way Getting Stronger and Stronger,


Dan , Troy and I chanted this incantation as we ran up Mystic, a trail off Big Dalton Road in Glendora. This was our one and only group training run before next weeks Irvine Lake Mud Run. Mystic is a B!T#H to run up. The first mile and a half is all up hill and its steep. I have to admit we walked, jogged, walked more, jogged a little then walked even more up this portion of Mystic. I was tired, my legs were heavy and my heart raced trying to get to the top.

Once we got to the top, running down was easy. We picked up the pace from a walk to a jog to a brisk run. Watch out for rocks, ditches, streams, the occasional Mountain Biker and poison oak! Oh it was much fun!

We regrouped at GMR and together ran down the Mountain Road. I was feeling good, a tired good, and Dan and I sprinted the last 200 meters to the cars. I gave it all I could in the last 200 m and by the time I got to the car I was spent! Rarely do I end a run or ride with a dry heave, but today was the exception. That last 200 m was tough and once I stopped, I bowed over and I went into a dry heaving frenzy. LOL, when I'm in this position I can't help but laugh at myself.

Along the down we ran into Adobo Velo, Matt, Bill and Annette! Of course they were all on bikes.

Every Day and Every Way, Getting Stronger and Stronger, in December of 2008 I made three simple New Year Resolutions. I wanted to improve myself in three areas, Spiritual, Mental and Physical. Physical, I started running and riding. Mental, books on tape, the classics work so well when your drive to work is 45 minutes. Spiritual, in June I was finally baptized and call myself a Christian. Every Day and Every Way, Getting Stronger and Stronger... I'm getting there.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

KCNC Cool stuff

Over the 4th of July Weekend my Cousin-In-Law turned me onto a cool manufacturer of aftermarket bike parts.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Off to Mt. Baldy

Christian, Michael and I finished another great ride from Pomona to Mt. Baldy. It was hard getting out of bed but the plan was to ride to Mt Baldy early and hang out with the family later in the day.

Christian and Michael arrived at my house at about 6:45 am and by 7 am we were headed to GMR. The morning was cool and by the time we started heading up GMR, a group of exotic cars sped up the mountain. Is the gate OPEN? The group of cars disappeared around the curve and I wondered if indeed the gate was open. With this heavy cover of fog and clouds, It seemed unlikely of the mountains being in danger of fire damage.

Then about 3 to 4 minutes later the group of cars headed back down! Yipee, that means the GATE is closed.

At the gate a group of street lugers were packing up and heading home. One of the guys had a nasty wound that went up the length of his torso.

GMR was peaceful and quiet. Not much riders this early and about 4 miles from the Maintenance Shed, the suns rays burned up the cloud cover.

At the Shed, there were a few riders resting before the long trek to Mt Baldy. There a man riding a sweet titanium GT road bike.

From the Shed to Mt. Baldy, I was tired but continued forward really concentrating on my "spin". We made good time and was in Mt. Baldy in about 1 hour or less, I really don't remember.

The descent down Mt. Baldy was fast and I was in my house by 10:30 am. Great Ride.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kevin Reports on the Incomparable Centurion and a ride Around Bonelli Park

Another Great BicycleFriends ride minus the distinguished leader/founder

It all started as I responded to Jason, with copy to Meme, that due to family circumstances I would not be able to join them on their jaunt up Potato Mountain (as if I could make it at this stage of my recovery) . What followed was a request from Meme to ride Sunday, which suited me find.

I gave Meme three ride options and of course he chose the one closest to his house, Bonelli Park Road Ride. We decided to meet at 7:30 at the airport and at least three loops.

Meme brought his “vintage” 1970s era Centurion, which has been restored to looks nice, making Meme proud that it still runs with original “vintage” parts. Although, I noticed though that he had new 27x1in tires on his 27x11/2 in wheels.

“Lookin good Meme”

We took off heading clockwise around and through the park, with Meme dominating on the climbs and myself edging him out on the flats (at least that is what I want to believe). After two circuits, Meme wanted to stop to “check his wheel”. I thought maybe I had worn him out and he needed a break. Turns out my ego got the best of me, as I observed the bead of his tire bulging from his rim. He fidgeted with it, deflated, adjusted, them refilled it with a handy inflator. All seemed well.

We finished the third circuit, but were not finished. I took the opportunity to ride through the motor home park to find my brother in-law for a quick visit. At this point Meme’s leg cramped and gave me an empty victory up the steep climb into the park. A victory none the less (how do you like me now Meme?).

We visited for about ten minutes, then headed back out of the park to get to the truck and then to breakfast.

That’s when it happened.

“Oh $$!^” exclaimed Meme.

He blew the bead out of the rim again.

I began to plan to finish the last 1/2 mile and bring my truck back to pick him up.

Meme with great confidence exclaimed, “don’t even bother, dude. I can fix it!!!”. Earlier in the ride we talked about his metallurgical talents and his plans to weld a trailer hitch/bike rack. He pointed out that the lip of the rim was bent, making it wider and allowing the bead to slip out.

So Meme, since Meme only had his sunglasses with him, he finds a broken Miller High Life bottle with the perfect curvature to focus the sun on his rim. He explains to me the melting point of his steel rims was high, but we only needed it to be hot enough to soften and bend.


After a short ride, we make it back to the truck and then off to breakfast. There we discussed the options of fixing or buying a new wheel set. At first I thought “why not upgrade”. Then after careful consideration I chose to recommend “it would be a shame to put non-vintage parts on that Centurion”

You see, my only chance to beat him is when he has mechanical problems.

Thanks to Meme, Bonelli Park, and the incomparable Centurion for a much-needed, great ride.

Riding Marshal Canyon with a Giant

LOL, Saturday Meme, Brian and I rode up Marshal Canyon. Brian at 6' 7" makes his Specialized 29'er look normal!

The day started out cool, with a thick layer of low clouds hanging over the mountains. Our designated meet point was Oak Mesa Elementary and there were a number of fellow MTB'ers getting ready to trek up Marshal Canyon.

Meme and Brian showed up at about 7:05 am and soon after we were quickly heading up the trails. Marshal Canyon was busy with runners from Claremont and South Hill High School. It was fun using the runners as "rabbits" all the way up to yellow gate.

Brian rode strong claiming his early morning Spin Classes are paying out dividends. At Yellow Gate we went our separate way. Brian headed back down Marshal Canyon, I headed down Cobal and did another loop up Burbank.

This has been my bike of choice for the mountains. The Major Jake is a fast climber and fun bike to ride fireroads.
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