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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot Bike Alert - Affinity Cycles - Kissena

Affinity Cycles

The Affinity Kissena, sleek aero design. Made of 7005 aircraft grade aluminum, integrated headset and a track specific fork. I love this bike!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marshal Canyon

Carl and I did a quick loop up Marshal Canyon.

Birth of Another Shit Bike

I had this bike, then Meme, then it came back to me. This Franken-Bike was a collaborative effort between us. Parts are from all types of bikes.

Mundo 51 cm Hi Tensile Steel Frame
26" Wheels
Odyssey BMX Brake and Levers
MTB Flat Handlebars
Road Bike Stem/Quill
Ritchey Headset
Spare Jagwire Brake Cable
Seat Post Generic from Jenson USA
Seat ???? Who knows
Tires, cheap gumwalls
Sram Grips
Cranks from Meme's SE Draft Lite 175 mm
Bottom Bracket from Meme's GT Road Bike
Paint By Meme
Fork from Jenson USA $16.00
Pedals from Performance Bike "Forte"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Chain Tension Bolts for SS

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bob Marley, "No Woman, No Cry"

Such a classic song.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frannie's New Bike

Today Frannie stepped up from a 12" bike to a Big Girls 20"er.

Below is Frannie's first bike.

Adam Working with Daddy

This was a couple years ago

Bicycle Kitchen

One of these days I'm going to make my way to Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles.

"The Bicycle Kitchen is a non profit educational organization. We are a group of volunteers who run a space in Los Angeles filled with tools and stands for working on bicycles. Our hope is that you will come down and work on your bike! We will help you. We ask $7 per hour DONATION, (no one is turned away for lack of funds). We have almost every tool you could need and every shift at least one of us will be able to answer whatever question you may have...(hopefully)."

Vans and Brooks Unite!

Brooks the maker of fine saddles has partnered up with Vans to produce a very limited run of shoes.

More Click Here ...

Bonelli Park

Today Meme, Carl, Nathan and I rode around Bonelli Park. It was a nice ride, nothing out of the ordinary. We did the 12 mile MTB loop around the park. Carl did great for his second time back from a long break. Meme rode his gently used full suspension DB. Nathan met up with us for the first time. He and I are a good match in terms of skill sets and hung with each other the whole loop.

So cute, Jennifer hugging Meme before his epic ride! Off to battle Meme.

Meme, Carl and Nathan, heading up the back side of Bonelli.

Nathan pushing up the trail.

Ah, the very last climb before the end!

Don't Overtighten your Bolts

Busted Stem! I'm working on this bike to give to my brothers friend, Cynthia. Well, I overtightened the stem bolt and look at the results ...

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beauty of the Internet! - Destructive Freewheel Removal

So I had a stuck freewheel. A quick Google and viola, I found a solution to my problem!

Article found here! destructive freewheel removal

"This article will discuss removing freewheels that have no removal tool option. This will be useful if the wheel is to be re-used, but it will effectively destroy the freewheel. For wheels that are damaged with these types of freewheels, it is best to simply replace both the complete wheel and freewheel."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hmmmm ...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pomona Arts Colony

I did ride GMR Saturday Morning. It was a typical day at the office. I breezed up GMR to the Maintenance Shed then quickly turned around and headed home. At about Newman's, I met Annette and rode with her until the downhill before before the Shed.

Later that evening Meme and I, headed, by way of Fixed Gear, to the Pomona Arts Colony. Every Second and Fourth Saturday of the month Downtown Pomona has an arts festival. All the art galleries are open late.

Bunny Gunner
This place was, wait a minute, wait a minute, "Hopping"! LOL, Bunny Gunner was packed with art goers and all of the art pictures I photographed came from this gallery.

Art of the Pomona Arts Colony
This one is of my favorites. Its layers of different colored paper glued together, then chiseled out. Kinda neat. One guy next to me loved it so much. I over heard him telling his date, "I'ts SOOOO beautiful, I don't want to photograph it. I just want to keep the picture in my mind and savor it." (Okay, I bet his date ate in all up!)

A stale piece of bread, I wonder what it means? LOL, I get it, its Wonder Bread.

Not sure about this one below.

Meme liked this one.


I was a little disappointed in the lack of more fixies. I expected so much more bikes. There was more than enough "Hipsters" with their eclectic style, look and their DSLR's but no bikes.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Glendora Mountain Road - Its a Beautiful Morning!

Oh what a beautiful morning. I have to admit it was hard for me to get up but I had plans for a quickie! Out by 6:30 am and back by 9:30 or much sooner is what I was hoping for. In my head, I timed a potential Mt. Baldy ride but if I wanted to make it within my allotted time, I needed to leave much earlier.

Bottom line, it didn't happen and I settled for a GMR ride to the Maintenance Shed. I met up with Annette and Steve and together we rode up GMR. I hung with them for awhile before speeding up GMR. I was going faster than usual because I new I'd only be going to the Shed and in no time I was coming up to the first saddle. I spotted a rider in the distance and decided I needed to reel him in.

Pop! I heard a tire blow out. It was the rider ahead of me. I stopped and helped him with a tire change. During the tire change, Annette and Steve came riding past. They continued on and shortly after I caught up to them. We rode for a few miles before I picked up the pace again and headed to the Shed.

No time to chat, by the time I reached the Shed, it was 8:30 and I needed to turn around and start heading home.

At Amelia and Route 66 a guy on a 1994 GT Road bike zoomed past me. I quickened my pace and rode with him all the way home. His name was Kevin, and it just so happens he lives close to me. I commented on his really high cadence and he told me about his many cycling adventures.

The clouds hugged the mountain sides.

A candid action shot, Annette and Steve.

Another candid action shot from another angle!
Saved by BicycleFriends! I don't remember this guy's name, but I helped him with a tire change! Hey, you owe me a tube!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beach Ride!

The day started out early, too early. At 5:10 am, I was loading up my bike. It was dark, I could see the moon and the stars. By 5:50 am, I was at Meme's house and ready to drive to Yorba Regional Park for our beach ride.

Carl decided to ride with us today. We meet him, Michael and Christian at the park. Michael and Christian started from Diamond Bar.

The ride to the beach was fast as usual and for a good distance we drafted a fellow in a Felt Tri-Bike. He kept a good pace but I don't think he was happy about us drafting him. I don't understand why, he was fast and strong. I kept waiting for him to break off and let us pull for a few but he never did. Michael, Christian and I would have been more than happy to pull our fair share and why be pissed for drafting. We are all heading in the same direction, lets work together.

About 3 miles from the beach Christian flatted. It was a slow leak so he high tailed it to Newport before fixing in.

Soon after I entered Newport, Carl rolled in. He looked good, threw up his signature smile and headed toward our rest zone, a Mini Mart off PCH. Meme followed suit just after that.

The ride back was fast, riding fixed was hard with no opportunity to coast. We kept a fast pace all the way back, I tried to pull for a few but Christian and Michael did most of the work.

A few minutes after Christian, Michael and I entered the park, Meme came rolling in. Great Job! Meme bettered his Personal Record by 30 minutes! Meme was smoking on the way back at 52 X 13 and about 18 to 20 mph. I like to spin but Meme loves pushing monster gears.

Carl came in about five minutes after Meme and was legitimately exhausted. In his head, I'm sure he was cussing me out for talking him into doing on this ride. Overall he did great, as I new he would.

What a beautiful morning. The sun was waking up and creeping over the mountains.

I call this picture Carl in God Mode. I wanted a sunrise, SART action shot and this is what I got!

Carl almost got hammered with bird turd! His is him telling us about his near miss.

Meme at the Honda Center Bathroom Break Area. Two of the four bathrooms were looked. The one I used had a heavy smell of smoke.

Michael and Christian refilling at the Honda Center.

Wassup! Carl looking strong enters Newport. Great job Carl on your first ride back!

We rest, for just a few, before the big ride back to Yorba Regional Park.

Heading Home.
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