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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Two Wheel Tuesday

And they are off!

I wasn't able to make it out on my bike for 2WT so I grabbed my camera and jumped into my car to snap a few photos of the group while they made their way through Bonelli Park.

Location Day Time Pace
LaVerne Brewery Every Tuesday 6:30 pm 18 - 22 mph

Monday, June 28, 2021

Beach Century

Hot Hot Hot

Well it wasn't hot at 5:30 am when Stew and I left for the ride. We made our way to DB and then to dreaded Brea Canyon. Brea Canyon scares me because of the car traffic that comes through right at the time I usually make my way down the canyon. Today Stew and I got lucky. The 57 frwy was running smoothly so most cars used the 57 instead of Brea Canyon to get to Orange County. Once on SART, we kept a steady pace and made it to Newport in good time. At Seal Beach we took a very small break then headed back home via SGVT.

The temperature started heading up with each mile back to the foothills. Once on Badillo, Stew's Garmin recorded a temp around 93 degrees. Yeah, it's getting hot and by Bonita the temperature was approx. 100 degrees. We stopped at the Ace Hardware in San Dimas to get cold water and rest up before the last several miles home. Overall it was a great ride, just hot.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Glendora Mountain Road to Mt Baldy

Good Company

Saturday Mike Y and I rode from Pomona to GMR to Mt Baldy. Once we started heading down to the village we refilled our water bottles at the Post Office. Refueled and ready to go we decided to head left on Shinn Road and ride to Fontana. You know a little extra credit.

The total ride was about 60 miles and it was nice riding with Mike. I've known Mike for many years and he will be moving soon from Diamond Bar to Del Mar so our weekly rides will soon come to an end. :(

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Subdued Bud's Ride

Fun ride but the Bud's was slightly off last night.

I met up with the group at Starbucks in Downtown Claremont. Waiting were the usual suspects; Demi, Mike, Dianna, Greg, Patrick oh the list goes on. SC Velo kits were everywhere as people waited for Patrick to officially get us rolling. Let's roll. We headed west on Bonita at what seemed like a slower than usual pace. At one point Mike and Monte picked up the pace a little and was called back by Patrick. Fairplex Drive, Via Verde into the park, up and over to Raging Waters Drive we carried a moderate pace. Nothing to fast or crazy and at one point I thought about "going long".

I decided against going long because I figured these guys were going to attack just outside the park and then it would be a painful three laps. I told myself, if I felt good I'd go long on the final lap around the park. A number of us cut through Raging Waters Drive to the dam and waited just outside Raging Waters at the apex of Pudding Stone Drive. We waited and waited, then a few riders came up and over past us. We continued to wait for the main group when about 10 riders came up and over a few minutes after the first few riders. One of the guys said there was a crash on San Dimas Ave. From what I gather there was debris on the road, someone swerved to avoid it and potential half wheeling on a fast descent. That makes a perfect recipe for a crash.

After hearing about the crash it definitely changed the vibe of the ride. We were all thinking about who when down, are they okay, etc. The crash splintered the group and slowed the pace. The group I was in continued their laps around the park as other riders would either speed past us or join our group. We completed our three laps then headed back to downtown Claremont.

Hopefully those involved in the crash are okay. I hate when riders go down and I am always interested in the details that led to the crash.

Location Day Time Pace
Starbuck Claremont, CA Wednesday 5:30 pm Fast

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Two Wheel Tuesday

Warren is one tough dude!

I met up with the guys at LaVerne Brewery for the weekly Two Wheel Tuesday (2WT) ride. Demi and Jon were already there when I arrived along with Ed. Ed was new to the group so we gave him a warm 2WT welcome. Hopefully Ed comes back for more.

We had to make a small adjustment on the 2WT ride because Walnut Ave is closed below Bonita Ave due to construction for the Gold Line extension. Instead of riding up Cannon Ave to Walnut we rode up and over Via Verde to San Dimas Ave. From San Dimas Ave we headed to Foothill then resumed our regular route. Our normal route from Cannon to Walnut will be closed for a while.

From Baseline to Mills it was business as usual. We kept the pace manageable except from Baseline to Live Oak where Jon surged past all of us. I chased him, then about a 100 ft from Live Oak, Mike F comes sailing past us. Mike thought he had the win but I think Jon caught back up at the very top of Live Oak.

Warren lead us up Mills and I was thinking to myself let's see how this goes once we get to Padua. With Warren pulling us on Mills there is no way he is going to be the first to the top of Padua. Someone else is surely sitting in right now with the intention to overtake Warren at Padua. Who could that be? It could be me, Jose, Jon, Mike or anyone else having a good day ... Hmmmm. We made a left on Via Padova to Padua Theater, and Warren still at the head of the group surges up the road. I tried to follow but it took a lot out of me because that first part of Via Padova is steep. I faded back and now its Jose and Mike's turn. They kept going and soon they all had passed me. Mike and Jose continued to chase down Warren but in the end Warren was victorious. It's pretty damn impressive that Warren pulled us all up Mills and then continued to take Padua. Warren is a beast!

Location Day Time Pace
LaVerne Brewery Every Tuesday 6:30 pm Moderately Fast

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Falls Road to the Baldy Notch

Hiking with Jamie

Today Jamie and I hiked up Falls Road in Mt. Baldy to the Baldy Notch. The Notch is where the ski lift chair drops you off at the top of Mt. Baldy. It was a good hike, I am not used to walking so much. The trip out and back was 7 miles. The weather was great, make sure to bring enough water for this hike if you do it.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Los Perrones

These dogs can move!

Last night Richard O sent me a text asking if I planned to ride this Sunday. I wasn't sure and asked him what his plans were. He mentioned GMR or "Los Perrones" beach ride. Los Perrones is the Sunday version of the Tuesday Los Lobos ride. Same route, its a beach and back from Green River in Corona to Newport. I knew I needed 60 miles so the Los Perrones ride would work for me except, on Saturday, I was pretty tired all day. I didn't know if I'd feel up for a very fast hustle to the beach. You see the guys that do both the Los Lobos and Los Perrones ride are brutal. They take no prisoners and it's a fast ride on SART all the way to Newport. Since it's on SART, there aren't stop signs or red lights to give you a break. You can't stop to catch your breath and the Lobos/Perrones keep the formation tight on the SART. Everyone takes a pull and everyone is riding fast. I am a sucker to punishment, so Los Perrones it is.

It's funny when you join an established ride with a lot of regulars. As the newbie you are kind of vulnerable. How fast are these guys? Are they going to play nice or try to drop you? On the flip side if you are part of the established group you think, who is this guy joining us. You check out the person's bike and make conclusions about how fit or "PRO" they look. It happens and I've been on both sides. This time I was the newbie.

At the start the guys were pretty nice. A few of them came up to me to say hello and joke about who's the slowest or how tired they are. I did the same, actually I did in this blog just above. I take note of the ones who say they aren't very fast. Yeah, I thought they were downplaying their athleticism and for the most part they were. This ride is one of the most orderly rides I've been on. Tight formations, high speeds and everyone takes a pull. SART isn't that wide so the group has to focus on order for their own safety. This group gets an "A+".

Location Day Time Pace
Park Here Sunday 7:00 am 20 - 25 mph

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