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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Santa Barbara Weekday Getaway

Jamie and I spent a few days in Santa Barbara this week.  As usual, the weather was great and much of our time was spent either on the bike or on foot.

We did an epic bike ride that took us in the hills just above the mission and ended on the pier.  This ride helped us really explore Santa Barbara in a away a car would never allow.  We rode to the original UCSB college in the hills and, just above the mission, is a natural history museum I know the kids will love. 

We briefly visited the mission and took a tour of the SB Superior Court building.  the superior court building is a must see if you are in SB.  Its simply beautiful and the tour helped to explain a lot about both SB, California history and its Spanish influences. The SB Superior Court offers free daily tours @ 2:00 pm.

Of course we ate ate our favorite restaurant, Brophy Bros and ventured to a new place, The Brew House for some late night drinks and appetizers.  I had their golden honey ale, it was strong but really good.  I also recommend their roasted artichoke. 

Jamie and I are not really into Italian cuisine, but on our last visit we ate at a place called Pascucci.  We loved the risotto so much we had to go back again.  They offer decent prices with good portions.  Jamie and I split the risotto and a salad. 

Everyday we would make our way past the gigantic Moreton Bay Fig Tree near the Train Depot.  This is a definite must see.  It looks prehistoric to me with its giant limbs and roots extending up and out in all directions.  

Our Santa Barbara trip was a nice way to cut up the week.  If you are a Southern California local and looking for a quick getaway, I will always recommend Santa Barbara.  If you are into cycling there are many clubs and bike shops you can connect with for ride advice.  And if you decide to go solo and find yourself lost just get to State Street and head south.  This will always lead you to the beach. 

Google Le Tour De France

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"What is Love" An Elderly Couple, after 50 years of Marriage

A bike ride into eternity.

With the divorce rate being so high, many people wonder if there is still such a thing as true LOVE nowadays. Bill and Glad, a devoted couple married for 50 years, prove that love is still alive!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dreams vs. Success

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thor Hushovd - Share The Road

Nine Lives: a Norwegian share the road ad

Thor Hushovd stars in this ad from Norway’s “Statens vegwesen” (Public Roads Administration) about the importance of sharing the road. The ad’s tagline can be translated into English as “for those who do not have nine lives”.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Thing

I can't wait for CX Season.

The Thing from Orange Mountain Bikes on Vimeo.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fizik Bar Tape

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cinelli BOOTLEG Tour d'Afrique 2013 - Hobo

Cinelli BOOTLEG Tour d'Afrique 2013 - Hobo from CINELLI-BOOTLEG on Vimeo.
Hobo is a totally new steel frame bicycle, engineered and equipped for off-road rides on long distances, already proving itself along the adventurous 12.000 kilometres of the 2013 Tour d’Afrique. TdA is a world renowned endurance-race, now in its 11th edition. What better way for the hobo to announce itself to the world than with 3 distinguished Cinelli riders blazing across the African terrain.
Chas Christiansen, 100% pure San Francisco and one of the top riders of the Cinelli Mash Team, an iconic figure of the fixed-gear culture, always on the highest steps of Criteriums, Alleycats and Cyclo-Cross Single-Speed races podiums.
Lucas Brunelle, native of Boston, is an established filmmaker who introduced a unique first-person filming technique in cycling races thanks to his great riding skills and the innovative helmet-integrated camera-system. Lucas is responsible for filming and reporting the most extreme race contests all over the globe for more than ten years.
Dario Toso couldn’t miss out, designer and explorer of the contemporary and long-time ambassador of the “Bootleg State of Mind”.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Busted Wheel?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Money Money

Sunday, June 16, 2013

FOR Sale - See Below

I have a number of items for sale.  Email me @ bicyclefriends@gmail.com if interested

Carbon Seat Post 31.6 mm $20.00, Used

Dura - Ace SPD Pedals $40.00, Used

Specialized Lo Rise Aluminum Handlebar $20.00, Used

IRO Rear Hub Fixed / Fixed $20.00, New

Zittoria Zaffiro Tires $10.00 for pair, Used
Crank Brothers Mallet C Pedals $40.00, NEW

Saturday, June 15, 2013

For Sale - Zittoria Zaffiro Tires $10 for the pair

These are used.  Email me if interested.

FOR Sale - IRO Fixed / Fixed Hub $20.00

New and never used.  Email me if interested.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The JET Bicycle

The Armstrongs

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Iride Teaser Redhook1

Iride Teaser Redhook1 from iride fixed modena on Vimeo.

RHC Lap 24

LAP 24 from ChaletMagazine on Vimeo.

produced & edited by DANNY ABEL
cinematography by BEN MCINTIRE
this film was shot at the RED HOOK CRIT - BROOKLYN, NY

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SCOTT Sports Carbon Experts- English

SCOTT Sports Carbon Experts- English from Ride on Scott on Vimeo.
For almost two decades, SCOTT Sports has been pushing the limits of carbon fiber bicycle design. Starting with the Endorphin in 1995, we have been developing ways to make our bicycles both stiffer and more lightweight. Take this opportunity to step into our factory, and to get an inside look at how we take the world’s most abundant element, combine it with our IMP, or Integrated Molding Process, and develop it into a world class carbon fiber bicycle. SCOTT Sports- Innovation, Technology, Design.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being a Kid Again

Yeah, riding brings the kid out of all of us.  I love this picture because 1, its Natalie and 2, it epitomizes the pure joy of riding a bike.

Natalie is so jazzed riding Adam's "big" bike.  I love how her tongue is sticking out as she sets up for this jump.

5 Golden Rules of Criterium Racing

5 Golden Rules of Criterium Racing
Kris Thompson
Link: http://303cycling.com/5-golden-rules-to-criterium-racing

In America, typically criterium season is in full swing by June through July. Criterium racing doesn't necessarily have to be a sprinters game. Even if you consider yourself a non sprinter, you can be equally as competitive as any other of the riders. Here's how: Click Here to Continue Reading ...


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Someone Hates Bloomberg and Bicycles

Lady Goes On Epic Rant Against Bicycle Sharing
Jay Barmann
Link: http://sfist.com/2013/06/03/old_lady_goes_on_epic_rant_against.php

Bicycling is, of course, near and dear to the hearts of many in S.F. Recently, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a bicycle sharing program, emulating those in Paris and London, dubbed Citi Bike (with corporate sponsorship from Citibank), and at least one editorial board member at the Wall Street Journal is "appalled" by it, and says the blue bikes have "begrimed" her city.  Click to continue reading ...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Up Ferndale to the Griffith Observatory

Spent the day hiking with the family.  It was great weather for hiking and after we stopped off at Rosco's Chicken and Waffle in Los Angeles.

It was an easy hike to the top.  The kids enjoyed hiking up the single track that intersected the main fire road. 

My grandmother and uncle joined us for the hike.  My uncle brought his two dogs, Fifi and Fluffy.

We finished the adventure at Rosco's Chicken and Waffle.  It was good but if I ate this everyday, I'd be a whale.  Fried Chicken, copious amounts of gravy, grits with butter, waffles and biscuits, make for a heart attack just waiting to happen.

RYOKOU CHAPTER 5 (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

Friday, June 7, 2013

National Donut Day

Spent @ Donutman of course.

RYOKOU CHAPTER 4 (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Keirin Speed Racer

I've posted this before, but it turns out this is Keirin Week on BicycleFriends.com so here it is again.

RYOKOU CHAPTER 3 (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Keirin Racing: 5 Fun Facts

Keirin Racing: 5 Fun Facts
HCC Medical Insurance Services
Jarred Juett
Link: http://www.hccmis.com/blog/keirin-racing-5-fun-facts/

Keirin racing is a Japanese phenomenon almost as old as modern sporting itself. An over-the-top combination of athleticism, gambling, glory-seeking, and tradition, Keirin has provided Japanese cyclists a place to strategically compete on their bikes for more than half a century. It’s a mega-budget sport, grossing funds in excess of $10 billion dollars in ticket sales alone, and that’s before the federally administrated gambling is taken into account.

Japanese Keirin racing is simpler than it lets on. Though there is some strategy to bicycle pacing, the sport mainly involves a set number of cyclists following a lead pacer over four laps. At the final, fifth lap, the pacer pulls off of the track as the bikers make a mad dash to the finish for prizes and national glory.

If the overview of Keirin racing is interesting to you, we’ve compiled a list of five fun and unusual facts about the sport. Click Here to Continue Reading ...

RYOKOU CHAPTER 2 (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to watch the Olympic Track Cycling Keirin - a beginner's guide

How to watch the Olympic Track Cycling Keirin - a beginner's guide
Jamie Ewbank
Link: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-08-03/how-to-watch-the-olympic-track-cycling-keirin---a-beginners-guide

The Keirin is one of track cycling’s delightfully eccentric events, in which riders are paced up to speed behind a special motorbike before launching their attacks from top speed in the final 600 metres. It’s a race that is dominated by sprinters and often features a little illicit roughhousing as riders jostle for position. Click Here to Continue Reading ...

RYOKOU CHAPTER 1 (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Beginners Guide to Keirin

A must read. Click Here to Learn More ...

RYOKOU - OFFICIAL TRAILER (Shane Perkins documentary: sport)

This is the official trailer to Ryokou.  It is a documentary about Keirin Racing and follows the life of Shane Perkin. For those who have not seen this documentary, I encourage you to take the time and watch the videos I will post in the coming days.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Perkins The Human Machine (HUNGRY BEAST)

From CLR Effect

Pretty cool water bottle holder.  From CLR Effect ...

Jimmy F from Pomona, "The First Ride"

Jimmy F moved into the neighborhood about 18 months ago, and after many conversations, I convinced him to buy a bike.

He bought a Felt TK 4130.  Its a pretty legit track bike, with no water bottle bosses, no cable guides or brake mounts on the frame.  Hands down this bike is ready for the velodrome and has enough street credibility for any would be bike messenger or fixie fool.

Its been a busy week but Jimmy and I managed to get out early for a ride that took us around Ganesha Hills and Bonelli Park. Jimmy did great as we tackled a number of hills and 17 plus miles. 

Jimmy F mashing up Via Verde.  He's smiling but that hill was a beast.  

A quick breather and we're off.  We opted to cut across the dam and then head up San Dimas Ave to Foothill.

For Jimmy's first time, back on the saddle, he did great!  Keep riding.

P E A C E ! ! !
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