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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bicycle for a Day

Bicycle for a day. My Bicycle is my best friend, it is my life.

Bicycle For a Day:PSA from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Cinecycle from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Knobby Time Race# 6 Prep at Bonelli Park

From 2011 Bonelli Park

In preparation for Knobby Time XC Race 6, Manny, Antonio, Eric, Kyle, Brian and I headed to Bonelli Park. Wow, the day was heating up fast.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Here is Manny powering up some single track. Manny killed it on Saturday. He was riding strong and sprinted up many of the hills.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

This was my first time meeting Brian (and Kyle). Brian and Manny had the same bike, a Schwinn Moab from the late nineties. Brian, I hope you can make it out to the Knobby Time series this Thursday.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Eric, rode really well Saturday too. Eric and Manny must have had their Wheaties before the ride as I was struggling to keep up with them. They did some strong pulls up the various fire roads and single track. Eric was pretty aggressive on the descents as well. Eric and Manny, I am taking notes for this Thursday!

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Antonio showed us some new single track. This single track is located near the 10 FWY. It was a fun little trail that eventually connected us to the main fire road at the south end of the park.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Eric and Kyle bombing down the trail!

From 2011 Bonelli Park

It was hot! Antonio opted to ride semi shirtless. I only brought one SMALL water bottle and had to fill up numerous times throughout the ride. Thankfully there are a lot of water fountains in the park.

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Here is Kyle riding up the last hill before the rock gardens. Kyle, great job! Below is Brian throwing up a wheelie on our last climb of the day!

From 2011 Bonelli Park

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bike to the Beach

Here is a short film from Mike Matas, "Bike to the Beach." I have done multiple rides to the beach on SART, yet never really stopped and enjoyed the sun, sand and ocean while there.

Maybe next time, I will.

Bike to the Beach from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wheels of Fire, Go Tommy Burns, Go!

Dirt Shredders, one Boy on two wheels will take on the best riders in the hardest race in the world!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mt Baldy Run2Top, Any Takers?

One of the most difficult races in California. It's approximately 8 miles long with a grueling 4,000 foot elevation gain. Starting close to 6,000 foot elevation in The Angeles National Forest with the finish line on the summit of Mt Baldy at 10,064 feet elevation. Link

I think I just might do this one. So far, Michael and David are going to do it too. I've been told the last mile is the hardest.

Bike Lane?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words yet what is it really. Its a moment in time, its static, it freezes actions and holds them forever. The mind fills in the blanks around pictures and photographs. The it fills them with stories, and movements. Its the mind that gives life to pictures.

A Thousand Words by Ted Chung is a nicely done video of ... lost opportunity? Or hope or both? You decide.

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Push Pull

This is a great video filmed by Landis Fields of Pete Billington, 2008 US Masters 30+ Track Match Sprint, Team Sprint and Kilo National Champion.

PUSH PULL from Landis Fields on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cousins on a Bike Ride

The cousins stayed over the weekend. I decided to take them on an "epic" bicycle ride to the park. Frannie knows the way so I put her in charge of leading Nick and Catie through the residential streets of Claremont.

The kids did great watching for traffic and stopping at all intersections.

From BicycleFriends.com

From BicycleFriends.com

From BicycleFriends.com

Saturday, August 20, 2011

GMR to Mt Baldy Before the Sunrise

From BicycleFriends.com

Before the sun was up ...

Michael and I headed west on Baseline Rd, our early morning destination was Glendora Mountain Road to Mt. Baldy village. We were out before the sun was up, the weather was cool with a slight dampness in the air. Our goal, was to be home before 9:30 am. To do this we left my house in Pomona by 5:55 am.

By 6:30 am we had made it to GMR and Sierra Madre. We were right on target. On the way up, I was quickly dropped by Michael. From about a half mile past the gate and until the Maintenance Shed, my ride was made in solitude. Like I said, Michael was feeling strong and dropped me early.

It was a quiet ride with very few cyclists, hikers, and runners out this early in the day. The Street Luge Crew was out early. A smart choice for them. Get there before GMR becomes crowded with "Everyone" else.

Still on target, I made it to the Maintenance Shed by 7:30 am. At this point the sun was up, and as I looked down the mountain, the marine layer was slowly creeping back down and away from the mountain.

8:30 am, we made into Mt Baldy Village and it was a very fast descent down Mt Baldy Road to Baseline. We held a quick pace down the mountain road, pedaling when we could. At this point we were "Better" than right on target and our new goal was to be home by 9:00 am.

8:59:45, I pulled into my drive way. We made it!

From BicycleFriends.com

From BicycleFriends.com

From BicycleFriends.com

Pepsi vs Monster

Marketing sure has changed. Take for instance these two very different commercials for soft drinks. The first is a Pepsi commercial from the fifties. I can imagine back then parents thought this was risky. James Dean, dancing, boys and girls touching, oh no!

The second is a Monster Energy Drink commercial. It starts off slow but, well you'll see.

1950 Pepsi Commercial

Monster Energy

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cooking Up Bike Co-Ops

When driving to work, a 40 to 45 minute drive, my mind drifts to what other things I could to to occupy my days. One such dream of mine is to open a Bicycle Kitchen in Pomona. My passion is bicycles. There is something very therapeutic about riding and wrenching on my bikes. I think it would be great for this community on many levels.

The idea of a Bicycle Kitchen in Pomona plays out in my head often. Where would I put it, when would be open, who would co-run it and who would benefit from it. Planing, managing, community advocacy, workshops, wrenching, coffee, teaching, learning all the scenarios play over and over in my head and the questions get answered and re-answered everyday. I guess whats left it to just do it... Re-Cycled in Pomona!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knobby Time Race 5

What a great after work race. There was a much better turn out for Knobby Time Race 5. Eric and Manny came out to race. This was Manny's first time out and he did great finishing fourth. Eric finished fifth. Matt took second in his class and I am not sure how Antonio did. Antonio did move up a class.

Stan was out selling Gear Cycle Wear Jerseys and T-Shirts. I picked up the Family Tree in large and can't wait to wear it this weekend.

I took 2nd again and am really happy with my performance. I was two seconds behind first. The guy in first place passed me on the first lap and I tried everything to keep him in my sights. I kept asking myself how bad I want first place? I wanted a first place finish really bad and this helped me push to keep him in sight.

Joseph took 3rd, and while I was locked on the guy in 1st place, Joseph had his sights on catching me. I kept looking back and he was gaining on me. I new if I wanted to preserve my 2nd place, I needed to get over the last climb before he caught me. I managed to keep a safe distance from him on the last climb. On the decent, I was able to create enough of a gap between me and Joseph, thus preserving my 2nd. The 1st Place Trophy alludes me still, but I am motivated.

While Meme was in Palm Springs he found this Cool Shimano XTR Jersey. I decided to wear it for Knobby Time Race 5. I think it might be good luck. Thanks Meme!

See you at Knobby Time Race 6 on Thursday, September 1, 2011!

Keith Holt on Bike Shops and Low Income Areas

Keith Holt talks about the the disconnect between cycling as a sport and low income families. In low income areas, you ride a bike because you are poor. This is the thought process among young kids and adults within these communities. The relationship between the bike and individual is not of enjoyment but rather necessity.

Cycling as a passion and enjoyment. Keith talks about how to encourage cycling amongst low income families and some of the barriers. For instance where do you get your bike fixed and at what cost. In my opinion, most bike shops charge to much for repairs and good shop mechanics seem to be a rarity these days. For these reason, I started wrenching on my own bikes.

Broken bikes don't get ridden. When I moved into my neighborhood, I quickly became the go to guy amongst the kids for all things bicycles. Changing tires, and adjusting brakes are weekly occurrence for me these days. My joy is seeing kids outside riding bikes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hanging on for Dear Life

I guess I am gripping to tightly on my handlebars.


"Bikelordz is a short documentary about the self-taught, self-invented bicycle culture which young people in Accra, Ghana have created and passed on to their younger contemporaries over time. It follows crews of these young bicycle gurus as they try and use their skills to make money, gain recognition, and live on their own terms."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Appleman Bicycles - Something is Baking in the Oven

Earlier this year I met Matt Appleman of Appleman Bicycles and have been a fan ever since. Looks like he just installed a new oven to cure his custom carbon frames.

This new oven will allow Matt to, "control the temperature, ramp rate, and dwell times [which] is important to building a high quality (low void) structure."

I think $3500 is a steal for a made to fit, made in USA, purely custom carbon frame. Check him his bikes out at ApplemanBicycles.com.

ANT Bikes Copper and Wood

Mike Flanagan of ANT Bikes makes some extraordinary beautiful bikes. In fact, my Truss Bridge Bike was inspired by one he created and my unwillingness to pay $2,000 plus dollars for an authentic ANT Bike.

Below is one of Mike's latest creations. Mike combines wood, copper plated lugs and leather to create this classic vintage fixed gear bike. Beauty can be found in the details. I love the vintage front brake, leather Brooks Saddle and Bell located just behind the saddle. Mike went all out with Phil Wood Hubs and wood rims. The custom stem/handlebar combo matches perfectly with the overall look and keeps the lines clean and simple.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Woodgraining Bicycle Frames

While browsing one of my favorite sites, cycleexif.com I came upon a beautiful faux wood grain frame. This is the creation of Rob Pollock. The frame is made by Alien Bicycles and Rob masterfully gives this steel frame a classic wood grain effect using paint, and special brushes/tools.

The finished product is beautiful. I want try this wood graining effect myself. MY build would include lugs, leather, and chrome in the right places. Maybe even a wooden basket stained to match the bike?

Check out the video at the end of this post. Rob Pollock talks about life as a panel beater, priming and painting hundreds of cars. Early in his career, he painted a car and the interior didn't match the outside. One of his fellow co-workers decided to woodgrain the dash and interior. Later in life his son Aaron convinced Rob to woodgrain a bike.

Process: Woodgrain Bike Frames from Etsy on Vimeo.

Two Ford Freedom

Nothing happens by accident, paving the way towards auto-centric communities.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raquel Nelson’s Story

This is a horrible story about a woman found guilty of vehicular homicide yet wasn't even driving a car. She was simply crossing a road with her 4 year old son when a driver mowed down her son. It was a hit and run. Her son was killed. Raquel was "found guilty of killing her son by crossing the road in the 'wrong' place."

Link to Read More ...

"As encouraging as it was to see so much mainstream broadcast media focused on Nelson’s case — and all in a sympathetic light — little of that coverage got to the root of the problem: dangerous street design in auto-centric communities."

Poor street design in an auto-centri community. As an avid cyclist and runner, this is a problem I encounter everyday. Whether its me trying to navigate thru traffic or the many pedestrians simply trying to cross the road, I see throughout my ride, we are all faced with the same problem of unsafe roads. Bottom line, city planners concentrate on moving car traffic "efficiently" at the cost to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

For Example:

Foothill Blvd - The distance between Garey Ave. and Towne Ave. while traveling on Foothill is .70 miles. Foothill Blvd is a wide road and more often than not, cars are traveling between 35 and 45 mph. There are a number of motels, condos and motor home parks between Garey and Towne yet NO lights or safe pedestrian crossings between these two cross streets. At Lynoak Drive and Foothill Blvd. (The North Side of Foothill) is a bus stop. Lynoak Drive is about midway between Garey Ave. and Towne Ave.

I always see pedestrians "illegally" crossing Foothill to get to the bus stop. I would, otherwise you would have to go either all the way to Garey or Towne to cross at the lights then backtrack to get to the bus stop.

Sumner Ave. - At the end of Sumner Ave. is Sumner Elementary School. On the south side of Foothill are two motor home parks that house, for the most part, low income families. The children of these households all go to Sumner Elementary and without a Signal to safely cross would have to walk all the way to Garey Ave. then backtrack to Sumner Ave to get to school.

Raquel's story, as horrible as it is, brings to light poor city planning or rather an emphasis on auto-centric planning that fails to address safe pedestrian and bicycle pathways. More often than not, pedestrian and bicycle traffic is pushed aside or an after thought to city planning.

Camping in Carpentaria

Last week the family camped on the beach in Carpentaria. Here is Jamie riding down the street.

Adam still loves his Thomas the Train.

More trains. Every couple hours the train rode past our campsite.

Bicycle Families! This family was riding around the campsite in as Bakfiet. This was the first time seeing one in person. They look fun!

Rincon Cycles is the local bike shop in Carpentaria. Unfortunately they were closed when I arrived.

A Surly Big Dummy was parked outside a restaurant.

Kids at play riding bicycles. The kid hanging on in the back had to be two or three years of age. It was so cool seeing him toted around by his older brother.

Classic Cannondale. I was eying this bike all weekend long. Its an old full suspension Cannondale Delta V.

BicycleFriends.com is now Smart Phone Friendly

I am happy to announce, I've made BicycleFriends.com Smart Phone friendlier! Check us out on your smart phone. BicycleFriends.com is easier to navigate on your smart phones and viewers will be able to make comments and watch videos.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mountain Biking at Bonelli Park

Today Antonio, Eric, Carl, Manny and I rode mountain bikes around Bonelli Park. The weather was great, slightly damp and cool in the morning.

I call Antonio a Mountain Goat. He climbs with the greatest of easy. He stomped out the competition at the Knobby Tire races 1 thru 3. He missed race 4 and for race 5, he moves up a class. I really enjoy riding with Antonio. He's got a great attitude, is humble and best of all is faster than me. I get to chase him up and down the mountain with hopes of getting faster.

Carl was out riding today. He's been riding consistently every weekend and a few week days whenever possible. Last time around he was really hurting on our ride. This time he felt much better. Redemption!

I met Eric from Upland at the Knobby Tire Race #4. We corresponded via my blog and we decided on riding Bonelli Park in preparation for the Knobby Tire Race #5. Eric took 3rd place two weeks ago and today he rode strong. I better watch out for him this coming week.

Eric rides a FS Giant Anthem. He let me take it for a quick spin. I really liked the feel. The rear end tracked nicely without any pedal bob. Handling seemed quick and snappy.

I met Manny thru my wife. He sent me an email a few days ago wanting to go riding. Manny is a strong rider and did great despite not riding mountain bikes for awhile. I think next time we'll have to go a little faster and a little further. I see Mt Baldy in your near future!

Man Down-
A Roadie took a bad spill on the south side of Bonelli Park. According to witnesses, "he just went down for no apparent reason." Paramedics secured him on a stretcher and took him away. He sustained cuts on his face, shoulders and legs. As the Paramedics were taking him away, he was awake, alert and talking. Unfortunately he doesn't remember how he crashed.

Bicycle Friends-
I've been riding Bonelli Park since the nineties and it wasn't until just recent, I discovered a whole network of single track. Bonelli Park is all new to me these days and I love it. We rode some really technical single track today.

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