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Friday, August 31, 2012

Mark Growden plays a bicycle handlebar - Porto Franco Files

I found this on Tracko's site.  Pretty darn cool.


Geninho from 4dro on Vimeo.
Genesis Cerqueira, o Geninho, é um ciclista especial. Além de pedalar muito, esse camarada de 23 anos, é o mecânico da Tre3e e montou, com suas mãos experientes e olhos atentos, muitas das fixas que rodam por São Paulo e outras cidades.

Por esses motivos escolhemos ele para estreiar nossa série de vídeos dedicados aos ciclistas e suas magrelas.

Geninho pisa firme, pesado e desliza seus skids em um giro pelas ruas do bairro da Vila Madelena e arredores.

E aguardem, tem mais Genesis por aqui em breve.

Genesis Cerqueira, el Geninho, es un ciclista especial. Además de pedalear muy bien, este chico de 23 años, es el mecánico de Tre3e y fue con sus manos expertas y los ojos alerta, que montó muchas de las fixed gear que están por las calles de São Paulo y muchas otras ciudades!

Por estas razones lo eligimos a él para debutar nuestra série de videos dedicados a los ciclistas y sus bicis.

Geninho pedalea firme y pesado, y se desliza en skids en un recorido por el barrio de Vila Madelena y alrededores.

Y espera, pronto viene más de Geninho aca!

Genesis Cerqueira, the Geninho, is a special rider. Besides riding very well, this guy of 23, is the Tre3e mechanical and was with her expert hands and alert eyes, he mounted many of fixed gear on the streets of São Paulo and many other cities!

For these reasons we chose to debut the video series dedicated to riders and their bikes.

Geninho steps firm and heavy, slides in skids around the neighborhood of Vila Madelena area.

And waiting, more from Geninho here soon!

Imparables Clip# 4

Imparables clip #4: "Vida de Cadete" (Español) from black train films on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday night I rode up GMR via my fixed gear bike.  It was hot and I was hurting the whole way up.  I typically can ride from Pomona to GMR to Baldy with one water bottle.  Yesterday night was hot with a brutal headwind.  By the time I reached the maintenance shed, I had less then 1/4 water left.

It was brutal.

On another note, on the way down I saw Matt and Wayne.  If I had more time, I would have turned around to talk.  Next time!


THE FIDELE X BRM CYCLO from the fidele on Vimeo.
BRM cyclo is a fixed gear team that was formed by our homeboy Glenn Nirwan on March 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. BRM cyclo consist of Australian riders and off course Indonesian rider as well. BRM cyclo already compete in several competition such as JAKARTA FIXED FEST 2012.

The Fidele is all about local pride, and we are proud to support Glenn Nirwan and his team BRM cyclo.
Be sure to watch out for these guys, they might steal your gold.

follow BRM cyclo twitter : @BRM_Cyclo

BRM cylco riders in the video are:
- Glenn Nirwan
- Ryan Nirwan
- Jesse Cunningham
- Feat. Nelson Andrado

BRM cyclo team riders are:
-Sam Thorpe
- Jesse Cunningham
- Nelson Andrado
- Syaiful Ibrahim
- Peter Pelani
- Orlandu Luchessi

Shot & edited by
Sumasiapa (with extra footage from Ryan Nirwan)
shot with nikon d7000 and go pro HD hero 2
edited in Premier & After effects

Daft Punk - Voyager

Special thanks
& all the people who helped on the making of this video

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Gotta a Tall Bike, This Guy's Gotta a Tiny Bike

Peter sent this to me the other day.

Porsche Does Bike


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Storm Tropper on a Fixie

The Battle Continues

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Weekend in San Fransisco

This last weekend, Jamie and I spent some time in San Fransisco.  Great city and we managed to ride from Union Square to Tiburon.

In addition to riding, we spent Saturday walking, walking EVERYWHERE!  OH those hills.  I'll post more pictures later.

We rented bikes from Blazing Saddles

Center line picture for Michael @ the centerlinerule.blogspot.com

Jamie doing some CX work behind the Legion of Honor

The Bridge!

So True, Change Your Attitude!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cervelo T1 - I Want, I Want, I Want ...

The Cervelo T1, I absolutely love this bike but everything about it is really what I don't need in a bike; very track specific geometry, steep angles, ridiculously stiff, no brakes and no water bottle mounts.  I ride fixed gear, but its all street riding and long distances.  This bike is everything I don't need, but want.  What's up with that!

Picture From Here ...

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Friday, August 24, 2012

USADA vs Lance Armstrong

Enough is enough, USADA move on. Lance's official statement here ...

Dinosaur Over the Moon

Monkey Business

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easton Cycling: Birth oh a Carbon Wheel

Tony posted this great video on FB about the manufacturing of a carbon wheel.  There are a lot of different steps and I was impressed with the amount of labor and QA processes needed to make a single wheel. 

Jesus, Mary the Devil Just Rode By

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making of Orto Bikes

making of Orto Bikes from Multipraktik on Vimeo.
A spring bike-rework project, 20 artists, 20 bikes in 10 days.

1107, Andraž Tarman, Ajda Fortuna, David Kladnik, Fejzo, Gregor Lož, (Grupa), Jaka Neon, Jernej Stibilj, Jurij Lozić, Mina Fina, Nina Vrhovec, Nuša Jelenec, Pos, Rex, Stella (5237/ IE), The Miha Artnak, Tilen Sepič, Vladimir & vladimir

www.multipraktik.com, www.muslauf.si, www.kitsch-nitsch.com, www.rompom.com, www.zek.si, www.everythingexists.net, www.minafina.si, www.artnak.net, http://grupablog.blogspot.com, http://fortunajda.wordpress.com

Simobil, Multipraktik, Sonce.net

Video production:

Music by The Qualitons

more: www.orto.si/kolesa

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Gear, No Idea

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.
Chris Akrigg's take on fix gear riding, this film documents chris's very first fixed gear riding sessions...

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Early Years

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Diamond Bar Beach Ride, FIXED

Today was a real treat.  Mike, Scott and I rode to Newport Beach from Diamond Bar.  The treat was we (Mike and I) rode fixed, and by way of Carbon Canyon to Newport Beach.

This was my first time riding thru Carbon Canyon and I was surprised by some of the steep sections thru the canyon.  I wasn't feeling to great in the morning and I was SOOOOOO over the descent and the super high RPMs. 

We made good time and were in Newport Beach at about 8 am.  A quick bio-break, refuel and it was time to head home. The trip home was made thru Brea Canyon.  It was hot and I wasn't going to tackle Carbon Canyon. 

In the end the trip was about 72 miles.  Not to shabby.  

So with all the 72 miles of riding, I only managed to shoot one picture.  It was at the end of the ride and as an unfortunate after thought.  

Star Wars - Epic Battle Between Good and Evil on Bicycles

Looks like there is an epic battle between good and evil somewhere in outer space.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What is a Derny?

You ever see that weird motorcycle / bicycle leading out racers on the track?  Well its called a Derny.

From Wikipedia ...

"A Derny is a motorized bicycle for motor-paced cycling events such as during six-day and Keirin racing, or motor-paced road races. It is driven by a 98cc Zurcher two-stroke engine and by being pedalled through a fixed gear, typically of 70 teeth on the front chainring and 11 on the sprocket on the back wheel. The combination allows for smooth acceleration and slowing, important when the rider taking pace is centimetres from the pacer's shielded back wheel. A coupling between the motor and the back wheel ensures the machine will not stop dead if the motor seizes. Top speed, with rider pedalling, is up to 50kph, depending on gearing."

UCI Track World Cup 2011 - The Derny Explained from British Cycling on Vimeo.
Many casual observers of track cycling might have seen the Derny, and the Keirin race, but there's a good chance that they won't know how it works or what it's for.

Matt Rendell talks to the National Cycling Centre's derny driver, and asks him to give the low down.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Midweek Ride, FIXED

Yesterday, I was able to sneak in an after work ride.  I ended up riding up GMR to the maintenance shed.  I was suprised by the amount of riders heading up. 

Matt rode with me to Newman's and he sure kept the pace fast.  Matt kept talking the whole way up while I was barely able to say simple words like, "Sure" or "Yes" or "Wow".  With Matt in the lead, I sure got my monies worth out of this ride.

I also saw Wayne.  Wayne looks like he dropped a bit of weight.  Unfortunately, I was pressed for time so I didn't get to talk much with him. 

Women Keirin School?

Despite not knowing what is being said, it's still and interesting watch.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brian in Mammoth, California

Brian sent this to me a few days ago. 

Marymoor Velodrome Grand Prix Elite Women's Keirin

'Marymoor Velodrome Grand Prix Elite Women's Keirin Final 2012 Redmond Washington from RideITLikeUstoleIT!!! on Vimeo.
A keirin race is a mass-start race with 6-9[citation needed] sprint riders and a paced start. Riders draw lots to determine starting positions and start as the pacer (usually a motorcycle, a derny, or a tandem bicycle) approaches. The riders are required to remain behind the pacer, which starts at the deliberately slow speed of about 25 km/h, gradually increases in speed and leaves the track approximately 600–700 meters before the end, at a speed of about 50 km/h. The first cyclist to finish the race is the winner (sometimes finishing at 70 km/h). Keirin races are about 2 kilometers in length (eight laps on a 250m track, six laps on a 333m track, and five laps on a 400m track)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bicycle Stamp

Terry and his Bicycle

Terry and his Bicycle from Tom Wood on Vimeo.
A short motion graphic animation attempting to get more people to ride their bikes to work in Australia.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

CLR Effect: Upcoming: Return of the Mt. Baldy Hillclimb...

CLR Effect: Upcoming: Return of the Mt. Baldy Hillclimb...: I have no memory of it, and the last one may predate my entry into racing, but I have heard tales of a Mt Baldy Hill Climb Time Trial takin...

Haleakala, 10,023 ft of Climbing "Love"

Michael sent these pics over. 35 miles of climbing to the top of Haleakala, 10,023 ft!  Nice view of the clouds BELOW.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Track Star, Pee Wee!

This was sent to me from Henley, by way of Carl.

VeloJam 2012

VeloJam 2012 from Siobhan Tebbs on Vimeo.
VeloJam with the MuleBar Girls and AnaNichoola is a concept based on the belief that something needs to be done to tap into all the women out there who want to be taken seriously and race track. VeloJam attracted and rewarded high level racers as well as providing the opportunity for newcomers to race. It gave women the rare chance to race in a field of just other women.

See Lizzie Armitstead's recent comments on the lack of investment in women's cycling in the UK here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2012/aug/01/lizzie-armitstead-sexism-cycling?newsfeed=true

Racers Ready

Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY, Bambo Bike

Richard sent me this link a few weeks ago.  This DIY project looks like fun.  Click Here For Link ...

The Raw Materials

Finished Product

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Will You Take The Wild Rickshaw Challenge?

M. Thompson, this one is for you.  Mike's been wanting a rickshaw forever.  It got me thinking ....

Will You Take The Wild Rickshaw Challenge? from WildTeam on Vimeo.
Join this one of kind event.
Cycle 400km in a rickshaw through Bangladesh - one of the most off the beaten track destinations.
By taking on this fundraising challenge you will help TigerTeam build a beautiful future for Bengal tigers.
Register to earn your tiger stripes and help us change the game for nature.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Metal Shredding: Bicycles

This is a little creepy. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chantry Flats and Rose Bowl, FIXED

On Saturday Michael and I decided to ride from San Dimas to Chantry Flats via our fixed gear bikes.  Its been over a year since our last ascent up the mountain, so I was pretty excited about attempting it on my fixed gear.

We left San Dimas Ave. and Bonita at about 6:30 am and started heading to Chantry Flats.  The ride there was pretty straight forward except,  somewhere in Duarte, I was stung by a bee.  Once on Santa Anita things got interesting.  Heading up Santa Anita to the start of Chantry Flats was steep, very steep.  We rested at the base before making our way up the two plus mile trek to Chantry Flats.

The ride up to Chantry Flats was not easy.  I am not sure of the grade, but it's steeper than Glendora Mountain Road for sure.  Michael, riding fixed as well, powered up the mountain ahead of me.  When I met him at the top he said he was thinking "good thoughts" about me the whole way up.  I'm sure his thoughts included things like, "Wow, I really like the way Jason encourages me to ride hard," or, "I am SO thankful Jason invited me on this marvelous ride!"  RIGHT????? Somehow if you ask him, he may have something different to say.

Riding down wasn't bad, with all the twists and turns, I was able to keep my speed in check, and not to mention my ability to skid is getting much better.  Once at the bottom, we felt pretty good and refreshed. Mike asked if we wanted to add some more miles by heading to the Rose Bowl.  Being the team player, I said, "Sure, why not."

While riding to the Rose Bowl, hunger was starting to set in.  We stopped at a Farmers Market in Pasadena, and bought some peaches and figs.  We also helped ourselves to a few free samples of watermelon slices and fresh strawberries.

After the Farmers Market, it was off to the Rose Bowl for one lap and then back home.  I love the houses surrounding the Rose Bowl.  I'm going have to take Jamie there, she'll get a kick home watching.

We made it on fixed gear bikes no doubt!

Michael riding up Santa Anita.  It was steep and painful.

Farmer Market.  These tomatoes and peppers looked delicious.

Proof we actually rode to the Rose Bowl

Feeling good, thumbs up.

Azizul Awang

Azizul Awang's Olympic Games Story

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who is Dotsie Baush

Friday, August 3, 2012

Anatomy of a Time Trial (Phinney's Road to Gold)

Anatomy of a Time Trial (Phinney's Road to Gold) from Iri Greco/Panforte Productions on Vimeo.
Go along with Taylor on his gold medal ride at the 2010 World Championships.

Nothing Here to See

Get out and ride!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This is How I Roll

Kellogs Bran Flakes Ad - Chris Hoy

Breakfast matters.

Kelloggs Bran Flakes Advert | Chris Hoy | Abomb from Creativity Media on Vimeo.
Alex Joseph and Neel Dhorajiwala provided sound design services for London-based sound and music company Abomb on this Kelloggs Bran Flakes advert featuring Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy.

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