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Friday, November 30, 2012

Track Cycling Stars!

Death On The Mountain – The Story Of Tom Simpson

I found this great video on Tracko's site a couple weeks ago.  Tom Simpson, brought creditability to UK cycling. Tom was a World Champion and bore the coveted Yellow Jersey.

But was he Britain's greatest cyclist? I disagree on many levels but one thing was sure is his tenacity was only matched by his charisma, yet the pressures of competition and the all important "contract" inevitability brought him to his death.

Whether or not you are an avid cyclist, I encourage you to watch this video.  It brings good insight to cycling and the problem of doping.  Doping is nothing new and as we move forward we can only hope our sport gets cleaner.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pub Quickstep avec Tom Boonen

I found this cool commercial with Tom Boonen while searching Vimeo.  Its pretty corny.

Pub Quickstep avec Tom Boonen from Alain Berliner on Vimeo.
Une pub "comédie musicale" que j'ai tourné avec le champion cycliste Tom Boonen pour son sponsor Quickstep

The White Knight

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mourad Ben - Autumn Ride

Mourad Ben - Autumn Ride from Mourad Ben on Vimeo.
Short video of rider Mourad Ben on his home tracks 30 mins from his house on a wet day in november with a fall weather, fog, cold.
A beautiful season to ride.
Shoot and edit : Fabien Mariel.

Support your Brick and Mortar LBS

Sent in from Richard M.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rise of the MAMILS

This is a great article sent in to me from Kevin D.   Middle Aged Men in Lycra, that is who we are.  We ride to get away from the stresses in the office and at home.  We ride for our health, and because it makes us feel young.  We ride nice bikes because... well... because we can.  Do we look funny in our skin tight jerseys and shorts, sure we do! But hey my nice Pinarello Dogma makes up for it!  (I don't own a Pinarello Dogma)

Rise of the MAMILS
BBC News Magazine
By Dominic Casciani
Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-10965608

"Flashy sports cars are out, now no mid-life crisis is complete without a souped-up road bike. Why?

Every weekend, across the nation's rolling countryside, watch out for the Mamils: middle-aged men in lycra.

And ladies, if you have a man at home taking an unusual interest in how you shave your legs, you may have a Mamil in the making too.

Research conducted by the retail analyst Mintel suggests there has been a surge in the number of middle-aged men choosing to get on two wheels.

Given the number of men aged 35-44 who are buying fancy-pants road racing machines, is this a 21st Century mid-life crisis? Has the silence of skinny tyres and carbon fibre framesets replaced the thunderous noise of motorbikes? "

Follow Link to Read More ...

Monday, November 26, 2012

BMX Freestyle History Short! Team GT, Team Haro 1987-89

BMX Freestyle History Short! Team GT, Team Haro 1987-89 from BMX Digital on Vimeo.
featuring remastered footage from the GT Demo Tape, Haro Freestyle video, and from my personal stash of footage that goes back 24 years now! Bob Haro, Mat Hoffman, Brian Blyther, Dave Voelker, Eddie Fiola, Dino Deluca, Martin Aparijo, Brian Scura, Ron Wilkerson, Dennis McCoy, Brett Hernandez, Ruben Castillo, Rick Moliterno, Dave Nourie, Joe Grutttola, Joe Johnson, Mike Dominguez, RL Osborn

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Post Thanksgiving Ride Report

My Thanksgiving ride was nice and easy.  I drove, yes drove, to Glendora Mountain Road and Sierra Madre. Parked and rode up to the maintenance shed.  I left early and didn't see any riders until I made it to the top of Monroe Truck Trail. 

Heading down, and below the first saddle, was when I saw more and more riders heading up.  It was nice, John P was heading up so I turned around and spoke with him for a while.

At the bottom of GMR, I loaded up my car and headed home for an early Thanksgiving feast with the family.

Saturday, I decided to tackle GMR to the maintenance shed again.  This time I flatted at MM 10.49.  Actually my rear tire blew out, since this was the second rear blow out in two days, I decided to turn around and head home.  The first blow out was at home while my bike sat unattended.  Something wasn't right, so I decided not to chance it. 

Well, I feel like I have more riding in my legs but this extended weekend is coming to a close.  I guess its "Roller Time" until next weekend.

(In case anyone cares, these were track bike adventures! So do I sell the Cervelo Soloist?)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Team Haro Freestyle, 1988/89 BMXDigital.com

Team Haro Freestyle, 1988/89 BMXDigital.com from BMX Digital on Vimeo.
A special thanks to Bob Haro for the OK to publish this gem of a film.

A special project in conjunction with BMXDigital.com and Evolution/Revelation a media project about the visual history of Freestyle from 1986 to the present.

Don't miss the trailer for Evolution/Revelation also now showing in Vimeo.

We are currently seeking any and all old video footage, regardless of format, for inclusion in the project. Contact GT@TeneyckMedia.com to submit your tape.

Twenty summers ago this was the coolest video out.

Originally available in the 1989 Haro catalog, this is an excellent snapshot of Pro Freestyle around the time of it's late eighties peak. Don't miss a rookie Mat Hoffman busting out on the Enchanted Ramp in the closing section.

Wilkerson, Blyther, Hoffman, Moliterno, Nourie and Gruttola. Music by Bob Haro and more. VHS format.
remaster/encoding by TNM Group LLC, with permission

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Predator Cycling

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bicycle Carousel

Shall we go on a ride?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bob Haro in 1982

bob haro in 1982. rare footage from matt dyer on Vimeo.
master bob. if it wasn't for this guy would we have bmx freestyle today. perhaps. but this guy started off the trick trend, pioneered it into a sport and the rest is history.
every bmx freestyler owes this guy a high 5.

Crit Weaponry

I'm coming, get out of my way.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Barbed Wire or Bike Polo Weaponry

Either way, looks nasty.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Force is Strong with this One


MISHKA KOREA . fixedgear team || 2012 Autumn from SFG//SEOULFIXEDGEAR on Vimeo.
MISHKA KOREA Fixedgear Bike Team .
2012 Autumn Visual Active Contents | Seoul KOREA
Riders // WK (SFG), OKANG (SFG), YOHAN (SFG)
Film & Edit by "YO!HAN" (SFG,YNOT Korea,VMproject)
www.mishka.co.kr | www.humantree.co.kr | www.seoulfixedgear.com

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A. Thiery

A. Thiery from SeisCeroCinco on Vimeo.

Gimme 3 Feet, Fool!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slammed VW Bus and Bike

The Final Hour

An absolute must watch!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christiania Bikes - The Original, Since 1984

Christiania Bikes - The Original, Since 1984 from boxcycles on Vimeo.
Christiania Bikes - now ridden around the world - were born three decades ago in a small neighborhood in Copenhagen quite by accident. Annie and Lars, the owners, reminisce and laugh about how it all started.

Moustaches de Cyclisme

How many have you had?

Monday, November 12, 2012

She Can Do It!

F R E E R I D E.....

Rocket Man

I love this picture. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

MTSAC 2012 Fat Tire Classic

Over the weekend I raced the MT SAC Fat Tire Classic.  The day, for a November, turned out to be great.  Blue skies and very warm, this was quite a departure from last years race.  Last year it was wet and raining.

I was iffy about racing the Fat Tire Classic.  Did I really want to spend $50 bucks, did I really want to get my ass kicked?  Ugh, all these thoughts of why I shouldn't race ran through my head leading up to the Fat Tire.

I decided on racing and surprisingly I was nervous.  I never get nervous racing these days but I was nervous.  You see, three years ago I raced the Fat Tire, and was doing great until I cramped out on the last lap.  I finished the race but it was ugly and painful.  Last year it rained like crazy.  It was so muddy not many racers could ride the course and I ended up DNF'in it. 

So this year, I would be racing Sport Men 30 to 39, and its quite a wide field in terms of ability.  AND unfortunately, I am on the tail end. 

So I show up to the race, pay my fee and I'm committed.  I had about 45 minutes before the race so I pee, eat a banana, take in fluids and then do warm up laps around the parking lot.  Getting warm for may race.

Five minutes before the race we all start lining up.  I just so happen to get their first and am front and center.  Great... I am a little shy and want to sneak to the back of the line but I can't do that, I have SOME dignity, I'm committed. 

So more and more racers are lining up, I keep quiet, I got my game face on, yep game face on, front and center and getting nervous.  I look left, I look right, these dudes look legit. They're fit, they have the best components, etc ...

And we're off.  We headed down some fire road and up some hill.  Cool, cool, I'm not tired, not hurting and top five.  These guys are going slow.  Oh shit, the single track is coming up and this is where it bottle necks.  Not wanting to hold everyone up (the true racers) in the single track, I slow down and let the majority of the group pass in front of me. 

We climb and climb up the single track and I'm mostly just chilling behind the racer in front of me.  I'm happy to NOT be THAT GUY whose slowing everyone down.

The trail widens, more racers pass me.  I was racing my old school Trek, V-Brakes, 26" wheels, absolutely no suspension, "vintage" mountain bike.  It hurt, hitting those long stretches of rutted roads but hey its all about fun ... right?

Well I ended finishing fourth last. Woohoo!  I was hoping for any place except last place, so I guess mission accomplished.  It was a great day of racing. 

ZIPP Wheels on a Mixie

Do you think this is overkill?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BMX Full Loop Attempt - Red Bull Full Pipe part 3

Panagiotis Manaras attempted to complete the first-ever 7.5 diameter loop on a BMX bike. Unfortunately, even after numerous adjustments to make this effort possible, Panagiotis wasn't able to land it this time around.

New Bike Helmet and Crash Test

Sent in from Richard.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bicycles on my Mind

I think about bikes all day long.  Some people think I'm crazy. I like to think I'm passionate. ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

MTB Brake Pads

Last Wednesday I rode to Potato.  On the way down, and while on the brakes, I heard a horrible grinding sound.  I first thought it could be little bits of rock stuck in the grooves of my brake pads.  I didn't give it to much thought and headed home. 

A few days later I was able to inspect my brakes and it looks like they need replacing.  So much for little bits of rocks in the groove, there are NO grooves left!  I wore through the rubber.  That silver/grey you see is metal, DOH!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Natalie is Race Ready

So the guys at CANIDAE Racing built up this little ramp for my kids. As soon as I brought it home Natalie couldn't wait to jump it. All the kids enjoyed jumping it and first thing this morning they are ready to attack it again. Looks like I need a bigger ramp already.

The blur is Natalie.  She was so exited when I brought the ramp home and was quick to put her helmet on and grab her bike.  Adam took to it quicker than I thought.  He attacks it hard.  Francesca was a little shy but she's getting over it just fine.

Soon enough my kids will be joining me on the mountain!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Red Bull-mountain 7 Psychosis(downhill)

Sent in from Carl B.  Super fast, epic downhill. Have a great weekend riding.

A Bicycle Built for Four

And I thought I had an awesome tall bike.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Klunking 2

From Matt P at Four Five Racing.

Klunking 2 from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.
Klunking 2 follows the rise of pro klunking athlete Tony Jonsson as he picks up new sponsors Shotgun Energy Drink and Transition Bikes to pilot their all new Klunker. Tony then get's his crew together to shred the most technical trails on Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, WA. Guest stars Lars Sternberg, Darrin Seeds, Kevin Hall and Thadeus Quinn.

Bike - A - Palooza, Bike Swap Meet

Who: Bike A Palooza
What: Bike Swap Meet
When: Saturday November 3, 2012 8 am to 2 pm
Where: 1380 S. Sanderson, Anaheim, CA  92806

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