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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Glendora Mountain Road - A cold, wet, foggy morning riding

Today we rode GMR to the maintenance shed. Annette and I met up at our usual spot and we quickly started our trek up GMR. Traffic was light and on the way up we spotted two motorcycle cops coming down the mountain. They are always nice to see and because road conditions were bad, motorist watched their speed.

At the start of the climb I was tired. Baby Natalie isn't a great sleeper and she kept us up most of the night.

As Annette and I rode up GMR, I quietly doubted my ability to reach even the maintenance shed. Man, I'm tired and the first steep climb before Big Dalton Canyon Road was harder than usual.

By Colby Canyon, I started to get into my groove. We kept a moderate pace the whole way up and as we climbed the colder and wetter it became. Like last Saturday, there was a lot of moisture in the air. The only difference being it came sooner. By the first saddle visibility was limited to 20 feet and this is about the time we met up with Matt. Matt started his ride in the early morning and he warned us that the weather conditions up GMR only get worse. We "noted" his warning and through the thick blanket of mist we rode. (A glutton for punishment, Matt decided to ride up with us too! Of course for just a short while.)

There were only a few motorcyclist on GMR and the mist was so thick that only the buzz of their engines could be heard, serving as a warning that they were approaching.

We stopped at the maintenance shed, soaking wet, cold and with the realization our ride ends here. No Mt. Baldy today.

These pictures do no justice to how wet it was today. The thick layer of mist and moisture fogged up my glasses and quickly formed into droplets of water blurring my vision. We had to stop a few times to clean off our glasses and stretch out our arms. The cold penetrated my joints and as two motorcyclist passed me on the way down, I welcomed the warmth of their exhaust.

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