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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goddard Middle School to Azusa Canyon to East Fork to GMR and around Bonelli

Last Saturday, Mike, Christian and I did a nice big loop that took us through Azusa Canyon, up East Fork or "Little GMR" and finally a half loop around Bonelli Park. Once completed it was a 50 miler.

We started at Goddard and met up with Kevin and Carl. I tried to talked them into joining us but they chose to head up GMR and meet us at the Maint Shed.

Christian, Mike and I headed to Azusa Canyon (AC). There was a noticeable headwind and its always a "trip of the brain" when you have to pedal to go downhill. In my mind I think, "I should be resting on the downhills. Why am I working so hard to maintain a decent speed?"

I was surprised how quickly we came up on East Fork. We took a small pee break before heading up. East Fork to GMR was harder to climb than Sierra Madre to Maint Shed. The latter is 8 miles, the former is 6. East Fork to GMR is called "Little GMR".

At the top of GMR we spotted Carl heading up. We stopped, talked and together headed back to Goddard. It was a fast downhill ride with lots of motorcyclists. Christian was a speed racer and at one point, I was certain he was racing the motorcyclist.

At the bottom of GMR, Christian, Mike and I were feeling pretty good so we decided on a half loop around Bonelli Park.

Kevin made it about four miles up, or to the first saddle, before breaking a spoke. He's working on getting to the Maint. Shed and if he keeps up his training, he will be there by Spring!

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