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Sunday, February 28, 2010

GMR to East Fork to Hwy 39

Today David Pejsa and I rode up GMR to East Fork. David is a natural, and he quickly dropped me during our ride up GMR. He kept a fast pace and by Colby Trail (I think that's what its called), I dropped off his pace significantly. I couldn't hang, David sped off only increasing his gap with every turn and bend of GMR.

David was chasing a rabbit! Just past the gate, we caught and passed a guy on a black and red Scattante. About the time I dropped of the pace, this guy caught and passed both David and I. As competitive as David is, he couldn't let this guy just blow past him. He quickened his pace and chased him up the mountain. At about the first saddle, David overtook him. By the time I got to the first saddle, Scattante Guy was heading down and David was out of sight.

I rode all by my lonesome, and when I arrived to the Maintenance Shed, David was there eating an energy bar. He'd been there 10 minutes! We rested for a short while, at least I did, before heading down East Fork.

Although the sun was out, the shaded parts of East Fork were extremely cold. Going up GMR there was only one other rider, Scattante Guy, but as we descended down, numerous riders headed up East Fork. The same was true for Hwy 39 and we joked about "not getting the memo." There was a massive head wind going down Hwy 39 and both David and I took turns pulling the lead.

Heading back on Sierra Madre, my quads started to cramp up again! I hate when this happens and I need to figure this one out. During the ride I also had some pain in my right knee cap. This has been happening lately. I went to Coates Cyclery and talked to one of the bike mechanics about this. The said check my cleat alignment. I'll have to report on this one later.

1 comment:

GMR said...

Nice panorama of Baldy! In regards to the leg cramps, lets get Bill to give you a bicycle fit. He has the tools and knows the numbers. He was "spot on" for me.

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