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Saturday, August 14, 2010

SART Fixie Style

What a great ride. Fixed Gear, Fixed Gear, Fixed Gear all the way to the beach. Today I rode my fixie from Yorba Regional Park to Newport Beach. I was a little worried because at 40 miles round trip this would be my longest fixie ride to date. And the thing about riding fixed, is you literally ride the whole distance. Yep, no coasting to give the legs a break. If the wheels are turning, you have to pedal, no exceptions.

With that said, I did great. I was running 46 X 15 and at 100 rpm, I'm doing 25 mph. I carried this speed to the beach and dropped to about 18 to 20 mph back.

On the way to Newport, I ran into Luis from Jensen USA. He was riding SAG for a group of runners training for an insane 100 mile run!

Coming back, I spotted Mr Beanz, but didn't get a pic! Next time Beanz.

Meme did great and finished the ride about ten minutes back. By 10:22 am we were all back at the car and ready to head home.

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