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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pomona Arts Colony

I did ride GMR Saturday Morning. It was a typical day at the office. I breezed up GMR to the Maintenance Shed then quickly turned around and headed home. At about Newman's, I met Annette and rode with her until the downhill before before the Shed.

Later that evening Meme and I, headed, by way of Fixed Gear, to the Pomona Arts Colony. Every Second and Fourth Saturday of the month Downtown Pomona has an arts festival. All the art galleries are open late.

Bunny Gunner
This place was, wait a minute, wait a minute, "Hopping"! LOL, Bunny Gunner was packed with art goers and all of the art pictures I photographed came from this gallery.

Art of the Pomona Arts Colony
This one is of my favorites. Its layers of different colored paper glued together, then chiseled out. Kinda neat. One guy next to me loved it so much. I over heard him telling his date, "I'ts SOOOO beautiful, I don't want to photograph it. I just want to keep the picture in my mind and savor it." (Okay, I bet his date ate in all up!)

A stale piece of bread, I wonder what it means? LOL, I get it, its Wonder Bread.

Not sure about this one below.

Meme liked this one.


I was a little disappointed in the lack of more fixies. I expected so much more bikes. There was more than enough "Hipsters" with their eclectic style, look and their DSLR's but no bikes.

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