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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Operation Tall Bike

Houston we have a problem, well sort of. After finishing my Truss Bridge Bike, I wasn't sure what to do next? Fixie, did that, Vintage MTB, Done. What's next? Well after seeing this Tall Bike on YouTube, I was sold. For me building bikes is a pure joy. I love bikes and how happy I feel when my project is completed. Watching Tall Bike in Asheville, NC made me laugh, smile and think, "I could do that!" Well kinda. Tall Bike in Asheville is 12ft, I'll start with maybe 5ft high or two bikes high.

My vision for my Tall Bike would be to ride it in the LaVerne 4th of July Parade. The frame painted Red, White and Blue, me cruising around town throwing candy to all the kids enjoying the parade. Maybe I'll even wear a Red, White and Blue Tux (LOL)! Maybe, I'm just crazy enough.

So its done, Operation Tall Bike is in motion. Meme gave me two donor bikes, one GT Outpost and one generic brand Cromoly Frame (Meme calls it "Little Bitch") about the same size as the GT. Luckily the headset and seat posts are the same size.

Here are the donors. I'm not sure which will go on top but I'm leaning towards the blue GT on top, and Little Bitch below (Or should that be the other way around?).

Awe, the bikes are ready for Nick to hack, grind and weld into one beautiful Tall Bike!

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