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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fargo Street Hill Climb March 6, 2011 (Part Four)

This guy had the right idea, a head cam! I wanted to take a picture, while riding up, at least 15 feet from the apex. The only problem was I was spending so much energy holding on, balancing and trying to keep a forward motion, I had little left to pull the camera out, let along snap the picture!

Is pink the new black or black the new pink? I'm so confused.

Skinny tires and mountain bike gearing. I think this was the winning formula!

Below - This guy was going strong all day long! I wonder how many climbs he made?

Below - I can't remember this guys name but we went up Fargo Street together a few times. UPDATE - This is MARSHALL! Great Job, next year lets do > 20!

Roller Skate up, walk it down!

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