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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bicycle Law - Stay 4ft Away and Don't Cut Me Off!

One foot, two feet, two inches it doesn't matter.  As an avid cyclist I've had a few close encounters with cars.  Share the road?  Well in theory we cyclist have the sames rights to the road as cars but I don't think our fellow motorist realize this.  I remember riding down Brea Canyon in the early morning.  The road was quiet and NO traffic coming from the opposite direction.  A lone truck was coming up on me from behind and came so close to me, had I gotten spooked or decided to veer out just inches, the truck would have hit me. Sometimes I think motorist are trying to hit me!

Pennsylvania: "Gov. Corbett Signs Bicycle Safety Bill Into Law. In short, it requires drivers to stay a minimum of four feet away from bicyclists as they pass them on the highways and byways of our fair Commonwealth. All the better, one supposes, so as not to smush them. The bill also prohibits motorists from making sudden right turns in front of a cyclist who is proceeding in the same direction.

"Bicycling is great exercise and an effective, efficient mode of transportation," Miller points out, not adding that it becomes better exercise if you are pedaling frantically so as not to get smushed by a passing motorist. "We need to do all that we can to promote the activity and protect bike enthusiasts that makes it safer for them to enjoy their sport."

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