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Monday, March 19, 2012

Marathon Crash Race 2012

Two years ago, I heard about a race put on by the Wolfpack Hustle, The Marathon Crash Race. The idea was simple, crash the LA Marathon course before the foot races start.  When, if ever, can cyclists have 26.2 miles of uninterrupted streets to go all out and ride.

Last year, I had my heart on doing this race but for what ever reasons, I missed it.  About a month ago, I saw a promo video for this year's Crash Race and told myself I would do it.

So with all that, I was up at 2 am and out of the house by 2:45.  I met up with Michael and together we set off to Tang's the official start and home of Wolfpack Hustle.

To say it was cold was an understatement.  Yesterday it rained all day and the snow level was pegged at 2000 ft.  This morning there was no rain, but it was cold.  I am so glad, at the last minute, I decided to buy a balaclava.   The balaclava made all the difference between cold and miserably cold. 

The ride to Santa Monica was fast.  There were so many people, it was crazy.  Cyclists were everywhere. I was relived that I had made it to the finish in one piece.  I was soaked in my own sweat and getting cold fast.  That is when Michael and I decided to start moving and making our way home.  

We decided to take Santa Monica Blvd all the way back to Tang's.  The ride back wasn't so bad and I was back home by 8 am.  Just in time for breakfast and then church. 

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