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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Riding up GMR with Bicycle Friends

Today I rode up GMR to Mt Baldy with Michael and Randy.  This was my first time riding with Randy, a neighbor's family friend.  Randy and Michael met at my house early, like 5:30 am early, to get a jump on the day and possibly sneak in some extra miles.

We officially left the house a little later than 5:30 am, but it was all good and it didn't take long to get to Baldy.  Once at Baldy, Michael and I decided to ride back the way we came.  Randy decided to drop down Mt Baldy Road to head home.

Riding back down GMR I was amazed at the number of riders out today.  Scores, packs, groups, whatever you call them, of cyclist were out and conquering the mountain.  Just past the maintenance shed we saw Annette, Bill and Matt heading up.  We stopped and talked a bit.  Its been ages since I rode with Annette, and we missed our anniversary.  Bill was out too.  Last week he achieved his goal to ride to Baldy Village!  Matt was looking scruffy with his beard (I wonder if he is a Kings fan).

The ride down GMR took forever and I was so done with descending. Once we reached the base of GMR, we decide to ride a mini loop around Bonelli.  Michael kept the pace exciting and at one point I was hoping, no praying, for the light at White Ave and Arrow to turn RED!  It didn't and I had to throw in the towel and slow down. 

Total trip distance 67 miles and I feel great!

Is Michael coming or going?

Randy and Michael cruising down Foothill Blvd.

Look Out, Michael is rocking a pair of Crash Test Dummy Socks!
Randy in Mt Baldy.

Randy and Michael somewhere on GRR

Michael looking strong

Annette, that red bandana can be seen a mile away

Annette, the Mayor of GMR

From the Left, Bill, Matt and Michael

Randy at the top GMR near Monroe Truck Trail

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