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Sunday, July 29, 2012

WPH Midnight Drag Racing

Took the Metro Link to Downtown Los Angeles for some late night racing with Meme.  Well actually we only watched but there were hundreds of cyclist. 

It was so hard to capture the action.  Late night, poor light, everything was a blur.

Hundreds of spectators and racers.  The tunnel was packed.

1000 feet, to be in the top 16 you needed to be at the finish line in about 24 seconds or less. 

Golden Saddle Cyclery, Kyle?

Alvin with Mobbin Mondays was representing. 

Joseph from Mobbin Mondays was there too.  Here he is warming up.

Racers are lining up to register.  Angel, in the middle, from Coco's Variety, is at every race.  I see him everywhere.


Michael said...

I was half expecting you to give that a try Jason. Must have been a lot of fun watching with the crowd.

BicycleFriends said...

I wanted to but the event kinda crept up on me. For some reason, I thought this was in September. I confused this race with the Lord of Griffith in SEPTEMBER.

On Saturday morning, I saw Dorothy's FB post about the Drag Races. I checked my calendar and sure enough it was Saturday Night, DOH!

So much for planning and calendars.

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