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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Glendora Mountain Road to Mt Baldy Ski Lits

When Attila said let's ride to the Mt Baldy ski lifts I was half in.  Honestly, I thought the idea of riding to the lifts was more entertaining than actually riding to them.  Did I really want to suffer those last few miles from the lodge to the lifts?  Did I want to crawl my way up the numerous switchbacks?  Not really. It's always easier to turn right and head down Mt Baldy than heading up, especially after climbing Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Ridge Road.

Fortunately, I ran into Chris and he said some words of encouragement. Basically he expected to see my Strava and FB post on FB showing I made it to the lifts.  Also, the night before, I did tell Attila I would join him for the GMR to Ski Lifts ride so I couldn't back down. 

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