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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Back Century via Lower Aliso Canyon

Over the weekend I sent a text to Otto to see if he would be open for a beach century sometime this week.  He came back with a solid "Yes" but wanted to try a different path to SART.  I was open for anything so we decided on riding through Chino Hills to link up with SART at Green River. 

I sent out a message on our Bicycle Friends Facebook page and Chad decided to join us on the trip.  He asked if he should take the "TRI-BIKE".  I quickly let him know that wouldn't be a good idea because of the gravel section through Chino Valley Park.

The plan included about 4 miles of gravel roads as we made our way through Chino Hills Park.  That was quite an adventure.  We took Lower Aliso Canyon gravel road/trail which was, according to Andrew, "Doable."  LOL, it was doable but we definitely had to keep our eyes on the road ahead.  The scene in the park was amazing.  The mustard weeds and thistle were close to full bloom.  Yellows, greens and purple carpeted the valley and hills.  

Once we got through the park it was easy sailing on SART until strong headwinds slowed our progress.  We stopped at Seal Beach for a bite to head before heading back home via SGVT. 

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