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Monday, October 27, 2008

Performance Bike - How to Dress for the Cold

"Performance Bike - How to Dress for the Cold"
Source: www.performancebike.com

This little news/infocast I rec'd from Performance Bike offers great information about dressing for the cold. Time to pull out your wind breakers, long sleeve jerseys and etc. For So. California, I usually wear a base layer tee, arm warmers and full finger gloves. At most temps around So. California this setup works fine. I'm thinking about getting a decent wind breaker and a long sleeve base layer.

Cycling is an activity that produces heat and sweat. This winter your challenge is to create and hold the first while avoiding the consequences of the second. And you can do by dressing right.

It all starts with layers... Plan your day and dress for the coldest part but with the options to tailor your comfort by adding or shedding clothes. You want to remain comfortable w/o over heating. Remember with layers if you are too hot, you can always remove something. Too cold add something.

Rule #1: Start with a wicking base layer. It’ll keep your trunk dry and warm.

Rule #2: Protect your vital head, neck and trunk. If they are warm it will take less to protect your hands, legs and feet.

Rule #3: Always avoid cotton except for post ride celebrations. It traps heat robbing sweat next to your skin. Use polyester, and lycra and wool. Combining your existing cycling gear with a few new garments will extend your comfort range much later in the year.

Rule #4: Dress like a bag lady. Pile on the gear. You probably have the basics: lycra shorts, short sleeve jerseys, fingerless gloves and , socks. With base layer T-shirt, tights or leg warmers, full finger gloves or liners, shoe covers, long sleeve jersey or arm warmers, skull cap and a vest, you’ll be able to ride a month longer and start a month earlier.

Rule #5: Start off slightly cold. You’ll warm up in 10 min of riding. This minimizes sweat build up. If in doubt stash an extra garment like an extra jersey, vest or skull cap, in your pocket.

For deep winter you’ll need just a few more garments: insulated tights, long sleeve jersey, insulated windproof jacket, insulated gloves, shoe covers, balaclava, and winter socks.

Basic 4 Seasons Wardrobe:

Upper Trunk:
    –Sleeveless base layer
    –Sleeved base layer
    –Short Sleeve jersey
    –Arm Warmers
    –Long Sleeve jersey.
    –Vest and/or Windproof Jacket w zip off sleeves
    –Windproof shell
    –Waterproof jacket
    –Lycra shorts
    –Leg warmers and/or knee warmers
    –Insulated tights
    –Windproof tights
    –Coolmax skull cap
    –Winter wool or polyester socks
    –Shoe covers
    –Fingerless gloves
    –Thin full finger gloves or liners
    –Insulated windproof gloves

Dress for the coldest part of the day and shed layers to remain comfortable:

    –Trunk and Arms: Sleeveless base layer, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers
    –Legs: Lycra shorts and knee or leg warmers
    –Hands: Fingerless gloves

Cool: 49°-59°

    –Trunk and Arms: Sleeveless base layer, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, wind jacket with zip-off sleeves
    –Head: Thin coolmax skull cap
    –Legs: Lycra shorts and thin lycra tights
    –Hands: Full finger wind resistant gloves

Coldish: (39°-49°)

    –Trunk and Arms: Sleeved base layer, long sleeve jersey, waterproof jacket
    –Head: Balaclava protects neck from wind and cold
    –Legs: Lycra shorts and tights with brushed fabric interiors
    –Hands: Full finger gloves with insulation
    –Feet: Shoe covers

Cold: below 39°

    –Trunk and Arms: Sleeved base layer, long sleeve jersey, short sleeve, more as needed, waterproof jacket with insulation
    –Head: Balaclava with brushed fabric or insulation. Balm on exposed skin
    –Legs: Lycra shorts and tights with brushed fabric interiors and wind and waterproof fronts
    –Hands: Full finger gloves with insulation
    –Feet: Shoe covers with insulation

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