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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bonelli Road Ride on a cold, wet Saturday

Today Kevin, Meme and I rode 1 1/2 laps around Bonelli Park. It was cold and wet but we're dedicated cyclist and a Saturday ride was a must! We staged at San Dimas Grain and headed south on San Dimas Avenue. Then we made a quick turn onto Puddingstone Drive and headed south east to Bracket Air Field. We headed south on Fairplex Blvd and hugged the golf course until we entered Bonelli Park. We rode around Bonelli Park then back to Puddingstone Drive. Instead of making a right on Fairplex we went left to Bonita Ave. and then back to the cars.

It was cold, wet and since I wear glasses visibility was horrible! Pretty much from the start, my glasses got all spotted up. I kept thinking either we're dedicated cyclist or just plain stupid. I was really looking to do 2 to 3 laps around the park but when we were on the south side of the park I was thinking, "Forget this, I wanna get to the cars, dry off and get some breakfast!"

It was at the start of our second lap, Meme piped in, "How about we get to Fairplex and head to White Ave. From there let's take White to Bonita and then back home." I was surprised as I was ready to throw in the towel at Puddingstone Drive and head back from there. I agreed to get to Fairplex but from Fairplex we headed back home.

There were only a handful of other cyclists out today. At the start of our second lap, a guy on a Trek passed us up. I caught up with him and found out he started in Pasadena and from San Dimas will head to Fullerton before going heading back to Pasadena. Wow! That guy's awesome.

I purchased a new Garmin GPS unit and had a chance to use it today. It worked well despite being covered by my wind breaker. The unit can be used for running, cycling and hiking. Since I started running, I thought this would be a great tool to incorporate with all my activities. It tracks all types of data like, speed, distance, elevation, cadence, % grade, HR and so much more. Then the data can be downloaded to your computer for analysis.

Our trip was 14.35 miles with and average mph of 12.2. Total ascent was 715 ft.

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