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Saturday, July 25, 2009

BikeForums.net, OC Rebels, A titanium GT and a custom Seven

Lots of riders on the road today. As I approached the Base of GMR, a group of riders were heading up too. This group came from bikeforums.net and consisted of 8 - 15 people. I rode up with Victor, and Hans until about Fork plus 6. After that Victor dropped back and Hans picked up the pace. I caught up to Mr. Beans and together we rode to Mt. Baldy Village.

OC Rebels were out on the mountain too. Great riders and hopefully I can hook up with them and the people from bikeforums.net as well.

Meme, I came across a SWEEEET titanium GT road bike that is just up your alley. The guy was part of OC Rebels and owned a few titanium GT's. I snapped a picture for you.

There was also a woman from OC Rebels who has a custom titanium Seven that was completely tricked out.

Bikeforums.net had a support vehicle and I was able to refill one water bottle at the maintenance shed.

This is my fourth trip to Mt. Baldy and it gets easier every time. On the way down I had a scare with some tumbling rocks falling onto the road. One of these rocks was about the size of a soccer ball and it tumbled down in front of me while I cruised down the mountain at excess of 40 miles per hour. I missed it but it scared the $h!T out of me.

It was nice seeing both Annette and Matt at the maintenance shed and there were not many motorcyclist out this morning.

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