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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chillin' with Glendoramtnroad.com

Today there was a chill in the air, but with partly cloudy, partly sunny skies, I took my chances and headed out to meet Annette with "Minimal" cold weather gear. I was really running late, so I hustled to meet Annette at the corner of Sierra Madre and Glendora Mountain Road.

Fortunately, so was she and I beat her to our designated meet up spot. From there we headed up GMR. It was a nice easy ride to the first saddle and it was there Matt caught up with us.

Together we rode to the Maintenance Shed took a short break. I ate my Chocolate Chip Cliff Bar and downed some water. It wasn't a hot day, or even a warm day by many means but we were all soaked from our sweat. Matt headed back down and we all complained about how cold it would be heading home, soaking in your own sweat, only to have it evaporate off, cooling our bodies on an already cold day! As I said, Matt headed back down while Annette and I headed to Fork plus 2.5.

After any rest, the initial start is always hard, bones ache and muscles burn until you have "spun" enough to get your body back in motion. This was especially hard for me on this cold day.

At Fork Plus 2.5 we decided to head back. I zipped up my windbreaker and pulled my beanie over my ears. Annette put on her toe booties/covers and wool socks. Actually, she put the wool socks over her hands as a poor mans winter glove. I laughed because, she had her long sleeve jersey, leg warmers, wool socks (The ones on her feet), toe booties, not to mention her Polar High Tech Power Meter, Full Carbon bike and for winter gloves she's sporting socks! Socks, I think someone needs to get her an early X-Mas present!

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