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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marshal Canyon - The Posse is out watching over Bambi

Meet at 7:30 am and on the trails by 7:50, Meme, Carl and I headed up Marshal Canyon. It was an easy ride, a fun ride without the mashing of gears or racing to the top. After the plateau, we met up with Bobby and Richard. Bobby's Mounted Assisted Unit, Sheriff Posse, was out at Palmer Ranch (I think that's what the place was called). They were doing some type of out-reach program for less than fortunate kids, giving them horse rides around the arena. We stopped a few minutes to say hi.

We made it to the Gazebo before heading down Jump Trail. Down at the bottom of Jump Trail we spotted two fawns. I snapped a picture before they strode off the trail.

The weather was fair, a bit chilly in the morning but once we got moving we quickly heated up. At the top there was a fine layer of haze that kept the air chill.

After the ride we met with Kevin and Deanna for lunch.

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