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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Natalie is Race Ready

So the guys at CANIDAE Racing built up this little ramp for my kids. As soon as I brought it home Natalie couldn't wait to jump it. All the kids enjoyed jumping it and first thing this morning they are ready to attack it again. Looks like I need a bigger ramp already.

The blur is Natalie.  She was so exited when I brought the ramp home and was quick to put her helmet on and grab her bike.  Adam took to it quicker than I thought.  He attacks it hard.  Francesca was a little shy but she's getting over it just fine.

Soon enough my kids will be joining me on the mountain!


TrevorW�� said...

Great stuff....Always good to see the kids following in footsteps or should that be wheel tracks...!


BicycleFriends said...

I am so happy! All the kids have taken to the ramp really well.

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