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Friday, November 9, 2012

MTSAC 2012 Fat Tire Classic

Over the weekend I raced the MT SAC Fat Tire Classic.  The day, for a November, turned out to be great.  Blue skies and very warm, this was quite a departure from last years race.  Last year it was wet and raining.

I was iffy about racing the Fat Tire Classic.  Did I really want to spend $50 bucks, did I really want to get my ass kicked?  Ugh, all these thoughts of why I shouldn't race ran through my head leading up to the Fat Tire.

I decided on racing and surprisingly I was nervous.  I never get nervous racing these days but I was nervous.  You see, three years ago I raced the Fat Tire, and was doing great until I cramped out on the last lap.  I finished the race but it was ugly and painful.  Last year it rained like crazy.  It was so muddy not many racers could ride the course and I ended up DNF'in it. 

So this year, I would be racing Sport Men 30 to 39, and its quite a wide field in terms of ability.  AND unfortunately, I am on the tail end. 

So I show up to the race, pay my fee and I'm committed.  I had about 45 minutes before the race so I pee, eat a banana, take in fluids and then do warm up laps around the parking lot.  Getting warm for may race.

Five minutes before the race we all start lining up.  I just so happen to get their first and am front and center.  Great... I am a little shy and want to sneak to the back of the line but I can't do that, I have SOME dignity, I'm committed. 

So more and more racers are lining up, I keep quiet, I got my game face on, yep game face on, front and center and getting nervous.  I look left, I look right, these dudes look legit. They're fit, they have the best components, etc ...

And we're off.  We headed down some fire road and up some hill.  Cool, cool, I'm not tired, not hurting and top five.  These guys are going slow.  Oh shit, the single track is coming up and this is where it bottle necks.  Not wanting to hold everyone up (the true racers) in the single track, I slow down and let the majority of the group pass in front of me. 

We climb and climb up the single track and I'm mostly just chilling behind the racer in front of me.  I'm happy to NOT be THAT GUY whose slowing everyone down.

The trail widens, more racers pass me.  I was racing my old school Trek, V-Brakes, 26" wheels, absolutely no suspension, "vintage" mountain bike.  It hurt, hitting those long stretches of rutted roads but hey its all about fun ... right?

Well I ended finishing fourth last. Woohoo!  I was hoping for any place except last place, so I guess mission accomplished.  It was a great day of racing. 

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