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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Glendora Mountain Road to My Baldy - GEARED

It was the first ride to Mt Baldy and it was done on my geared road bike.  Yeah, yeah, why geared?  Well being a bit off my game, I needed this trip to Baldy bad and it wasn't going to happen on my fixie. 

Kevin headed up GMR early with the idea Michael and I would catch him.  We never did.  He ended up waiting for us at the maintenance shed.  John met us at Dalton Road. 

John is making a name for himself on GMR.  One of very few fixie riders and is known for his music.  You can always hear John coming up on you by his music.

Michael lead the charge to Baldy. 

There were a lot of skaters heading down GMR today.

Kevin kicked ass and made it just past Fork plus 2.

John, Michael and I made it all the way to Baldy.  Riding geared made it easy and I was very thankful for the gears. 

1 comment:

Michael said...

Missing GMR - it has probably been a couple months since I was last up there. A lot of slalom guys is right.

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