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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fargo Street Annual Hill Climb Challenge

This was my third year doing the Fargo Street Hill Climb Challenge and I managed to get up the hill 37 times. 37 times was difficult but I think I had enough in me to do at least 40.

The official start time is 9 am and it goes to noon.  If racers, hit 50 by noon, then the promoters will stick around and stay as long as the leader keeps going.  The all time record is 101 times up Fargo Street in nine hours.

Kevin and I have a tradition of eating at Nick's Place in LA.  Nick's Place is a little diner across from LA's Historical Park in DT.

Kevin wasn't able to make it up the street this time.  It's one steep hill and pictures don't do it any justice.

Unigeezer was out today.  This time he made it up three times.  Not to shabby.

Elliptigo guy was there too.  While most zig zag up Fargo Street, Ellipigo guy goes straight up. 

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