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Friday, November 28, 2014

Life is eating away at my ride and posting time, etc., etc., etc...

I guess it happens to the best of us.  Life's responsibilities take hold and chips away at our spare time.  For me it's been a gentle mix of family life; kids soccer, work, piano lessons, Jamie's Zumba classes, etc., the list goes on of responsibilities, that push my "ride" times deeper into the early mornings.

As you can see, my blog posts have dropped significantly because, although I love to blog, I'd rather spend my spare time riding.

Facebook, has also made the dissemination of information simpler and much more immediate than using Blogger.  You can always look me up on Facebook (Bicycle Friends) as it seems more and more content is located there.

It has been a great and quick year thus far. No new bike purchases since 2013 and I feel an urge to splurge on some new.   I can't decide on custom or not.  I've always been attracted to Specialized bikes and think I need a "gravel" bike (Thank you Marketeers!) or a even the BoB S-Works Roubaix.  The Roubaix is gravel light, correct?

A former co-worker came to my office the other day.  As we caught up on life he asked if I bought any new bikes.  I said no and that I was trying to trim down my collection.  He laughed and said last year when he came in I told him the same thing.  We joked about my aging car and how I can reconcile in my head the need for a new bike, however, my car is in need of much repair or replacement.  Funny how that happens.

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