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Monday, December 24, 2018

Gravel Adventures - Bonelli and Marshal

On Saturday, Mike K and Novo joined me on a gravel adventure.  I had a rough idea of where to go but wasn't 100% sure of the details.  We met at Euro Cafe and headed to Bonelli Park.  From there we did a mix of fire roads and double track.  After Bonelli we headed to lower Marshal Cyn.  We took the wash that leads to the entrance off Emerald but had to jump a fence.  At 40 years of age, climbing a fence isn't as easy as I remember it. 

We headed up the double track on lower Marshal Cyn to the top of Cobal Cyn and finally down to Mills Ave.  Total trip was 26 miles. 

Key Take Aways:
1. 35C tires work but 40c or greater will be better.
2. Tubeless is the way to go.  I was running a traditional setup and at 85 psi, the ride was very rough
3. Climbing Fences suck
4. 11 - 30t cassette is rough.  The better setup is 11 - 34 or greater.  Gearing depends greatly on your style of riding (Flats vs Hills vs Climbing) and you front chainring setup.

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