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Thursday, August 26, 2021

GMR Shack and Back plus a little more

GMR to clear the mind and lungs

Tuesday day night I couldn’t decide on where I was going to ride on Wednesday morning. There is Les’ CC Wednesday ride in Rancho Cucamonga. Les’ CC ride is great. Les has been leading this ride for a number of years and the people who show up are always nice and welcoming. Les takes us all over Claremont, Rancho, Fontana, San Bernardino and the neighboring cities.

I could do the Wednesday ride or there is always Glendora Mountain Road. If I leave early enough, the weather will be cool and GMR will be mostly all mine to enjoy. GMR is a great place to just ride and take in the mountain and fresh air. It’s an escape from the city and it's chaos.

I went to bed still unsure which ride to do so I “slept on it” and figured by the time I wake up, I’ll just get up and ride. If my bike takes me east, its Les’ ride, if I go west, well that’s GMR.

West!, my bike took me west. Heading up GMR the road was mostly empty except for a couple cyclists. Zero cars passed me on the way up and I got in my zone and pedaled up and up until I was at the shack. On the way down, a number of cyclist, including Scott P were making there way up. I think I waved or said hi to all of them as I made my way down the mountain. GMR puts me in such a good mood.

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