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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marshal Canyon

The ride started with Meme and I heading up Marshal Canyon. It was an easy ride with a few stops to talk and appreciate our environment. Once we reached the "Plateau" we stopped and observed the recent back fire and trail grading that was done a few days ago. With the recent grading, the bulldozers left most of Marshal Canyon soft and difficult to ride. Great, I was riding my cross bike with 35c "Skinny" tires.

Togi, Richard and Antonio met up with us at the Plateau. Meme was pressed for time and turned back, I heading up with Togi's group. Not before long, Antonio and I had pasted Togi's Group and together we headed up MC to Yellow Gate.

Antonio is a mountain goat and at 47 years old, rides like someone much younger. We zipped up MC to Yellow Gate and from the gate headed right to the Gazebo. At the Gazebo we rested a few minutes before heading down Cobal Canyon and then up Burbank.

From Burbank we headed back up to the Gazebo and met back with Togi's group. We all talked awhile before I headed down Cobal Canyon and back home.

Here are a few pictures of the remains of our county workers fire prevention measures up MC. At the Plateau some brushes was lay burnt. Twisted black charred branches contrasted against batches of green and gold and the blue sky. The bulldozers lay sleeping and their work flattened the trails and left most of MC soft. Riding in a straight line wasn't a problem. It was the twists and turns that became tricky with the possibility of sliding out in the loose dirt.

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