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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Off Road Safety has a New Tune

I bought a new bell for my SS Mountain Bike. The original one was damaged when I laid my bike down a few months ago. I kept using it although the bell barely rang. This new one has a nice ring to it and it comes in handy on heavily used trails like the Claremont Wilderness Trail.

The problem lies with hikers and joggers. If I yell, "On your right," they go right. If I yell," On your left," they go left. Sometimes they panic and freeze like a deer in the head lights. Other times they are pissed because I'm yelling, "On your right, left, whatever!"

When I was at the Sea Otter Classic, I was complaining about this very issue to a friend. He recommended I buy a bell. This way I can ring my bell and let the hikers/joggers decide where they want to go. Then, I just go the opposite side.

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