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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bonelli Park with a Twist

Today Mike, Meme, Kevin and I rode around Bonelli Park. The pace was fast and took us around the SDSR 2010 course. We staged at Starbucks in San Dimas and headed down San Dimas Ave. From SD Ave to Pudding Stone Drive we converged upon the perimeter of Bonelli Park. Its been many months since my last road ride around the park and it was a nice departure from GMR and Azusa Canyon.

Our first loop was the standard, Pudding Stone Drive to Bracket to Fairplex to McKinley to Via Verde (East Entrance) to up and over 57 Fwy to San Dimas Ave and back to Pudding Stone Drive.

The second loop we incorporated Cannon Ave with its 13% grade. It went Cannon Ave to Walnut Ave to Pudding Stone Drive. From Pudding Stone Drive, Mike and I circled back to meet up with Meme and Kevin. With a few words of encouragement, Meme and Kevin took on Cannon! Go Bicycefriends!

Second loop was the same as first except we added Cannon Ave. Near McKinley, both Kevin and Meme Flatted. Mike offered up his CO2 to Kevin and I offered up my tube to Meme. Unfortunately, Meme's tube/valve would not budge and he decided to walk home!

Third lap, took us up from Pudding Stone Drive to Fairplex to McKinley to Via Verde (East Entrance) to over 57 Fwy then DOWN Via Verde to Puente to Badillo to Bonita and back to cars.

Trip total 32 miles. I would have liked to do more but we settled for 32 miles.

On another note, I'm seeing a pattern - Ride with Mike, go too fast and can't take pictures!

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