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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kevin and Memegyver

(Kevin Donhoff wrote)

Another early start and, this time, uneventful ride to Newport. Breakfast at Cronick Taco, while we waited for Jason and Michael to return from their extended ride to Balboa Island (show offs).

After waiting a half-hour, we learned that the guys were delayed as Jason stopped to help a gentleman with a broken chain. (despite what his coworkers say, I have always found Jason to be a great help. In fact, he just put a new crankset on my mtn bike. Thanks Jason).

Well after passing the store once, they finally joined us at Chicago Bike, met Tony, and agonized over not leaving with some vintage parts. I am sure there will be another ride to Newport soon.

The greyhounds left, as Meme and I stretched and filled our water bottles. Meme looked down and found a shiny penny and said, "look this will bring us good luck". Not being a strong believer in fate myself, I snarled and said "you just jinxed us".

So off we go, averaging 16mph, no stops until the Honda Center. All things pointing to another great ride. And that's when it happened. "Kevin, STOP", yells Meme, as I feel a serious wobble. Stopping only to find a serious untrue rear wheel, due to some loose spokes.

That when Meme truely earned his new monicker, "Memgiver". Would you believe he took that shiny penny and after heating it by concentrating the sun through his glasses, bent it so that it could be used as a spoke tool. GENIOUS.

Good enough, we made it back to the park. (don't tell Memgiver that I just dropped it off at the bike shop for some professional TLC).

My riding keeps improving. Thanks to Michael, Jason, the SART, Memgiver, and that infamous shinny penny for another great ride.

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