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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carlos makes it to Mt. Baldy

On the road by 6:30 am and heading to GMR and Sierra Madre, Carlos and I were making good time. We were the first to our staging area and soon after, Michael, Bill and Annette showed up. David came in a few minutes late but who's counting!

This was Carlos' first time up GMR and he did great. GMR is not an easy climb and Carlos' training consisted of trips trailering his son from Rancho to Claremont (Enough Said).

Michael, David and I rode at a fair pace up to the first saddle before I decided to turn back to check on Carlos. I found him a few minutes below cruising along and we rode together from the first saddle to the maintenance shed. At the shed David and Michael were patiently waiting for us. Carlos and I rested while David and Michael decided to trek ahead. This was the last time we saw them today.

The last 12 miles of GMR to Mt. Baldy proved challenging for Carlos. It was hot, and he flatted at about Fork plus 2.

Funny story. So we are riding along and I notice his rear tire is losing air. We pull over, I break out the tire levers, CO2 and a fresh tube. I hand Carlos the spare tube and proceed to remove his wheel from the frame. Tire levers out and I pull the tire from the rim and the tube is out. I quickly hand the tube to Carlos and run my hands on the inner side of the tire to check for thorns. I found the thorn, pull it out and voila, I am ready to install the spare tube...

I look to Carlos and in each hand is an inner tube! DOH, they are identical in brand, size and color! I ask him which is the good tube and he doesn't remember. You don't remember! We guess, I put the tube in, connect the CO2 gun and blast away. Phssssssssh, goes the tire as CO2 is forced into the tube. The tire is inflated and I quiet ssssssssssssss is coming out from the spot I pulled the thorn out. Sh!t! I can't believe it, I picked the tube with a hole!

One CO2 cartridge left... Okay I pull the tube out and throw it aside (Like three feet away). As I put the "new" tire/tube together and blast it with CO2, I start to wonder what are the odds of my spare being bad too. One CO2 cartridge left, that would suck! Blast away! The tube was good.

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