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Monday, July 5, 2010

Off to Mt. Baldy

Christian, Michael and I finished another great ride from Pomona to Mt. Baldy. It was hard getting out of bed but the plan was to ride to Mt Baldy early and hang out with the family later in the day.

Christian and Michael arrived at my house at about 6:45 am and by 7 am we were headed to GMR. The morning was cool and by the time we started heading up GMR, a group of exotic cars sped up the mountain. Is the gate OPEN? The group of cars disappeared around the curve and I wondered if indeed the gate was open. With this heavy cover of fog and clouds, It seemed unlikely of the mountains being in danger of fire damage.

Then about 3 to 4 minutes later the group of cars headed back down! Yipee, that means the GATE is closed.

At the gate a group of street lugers were packing up and heading home. One of the guys had a nasty wound that went up the length of his torso.

GMR was peaceful and quiet. Not much riders this early and about 4 miles from the Maintenance Shed, the suns rays burned up the cloud cover.

At the Shed, there were a few riders resting before the long trek to Mt Baldy. There a man riding a sweet titanium GT road bike.

From the Shed to Mt. Baldy, I was tired but continued forward really concentrating on my "spin". We made good time and was in Mt. Baldy in about 1 hour or less, I really don't remember.

The descent down Mt. Baldy was fast and I was in my house by 10:30 am. Great Ride.

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