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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Riding Marshal Canyon with a Giant

LOL, Saturday Meme, Brian and I rode up Marshal Canyon. Brian at 6' 7" makes his Specialized 29'er look normal!

The day started out cool, with a thick layer of low clouds hanging over the mountains. Our designated meet point was Oak Mesa Elementary and there were a number of fellow MTB'ers getting ready to trek up Marshal Canyon.

Meme and Brian showed up at about 7:05 am and soon after we were quickly heading up the trails. Marshal Canyon was busy with runners from Claremont and South Hill High School. It was fun using the runners as "rabbits" all the way up to yellow gate.

Brian rode strong claiming his early morning Spin Classes are paying out dividends. At Yellow Gate we went our separate way. Brian headed back down Marshal Canyon, I headed down Cobal and did another loop up Burbank.

This has been my bike of choice for the mountains. The Major Jake is a fast climber and fun bike to ride fireroads.

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