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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Ride ...

When its as beautiful day, warm and in the company of friends, its hard to argue against this. We were supposed to ride Team V, but a late night, last minute call changed this. Instead we would ride GMR to Baldy or ...

Its been awhile since I rode GMR to Baldy but I'm a team player and if the group wants to go to Baldy, then we ride to Baldy. Long story short, we decided on GMR to East Fork then down Azusa Ave (Still a great ride).

Above: Jeff and Scott from CCA join us on the ride.

Not a cloud in the sky, many bicyclist headed up and down GMR, East Fork and Azusa Canyon

Above: A rear tire flat gave us a few minutes of "Extra" rest!

The Street Luge guys were out in full force. They seemed rather cheerful today!

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