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Saturday, July 30, 2011

GMR to Mt Baldy

When you head out before 6:00 am your ride is mostly like going to be a lonely one. That was definitely the case today. From Pomona to GMR to Mt Baldy and back home, I only saw three other riders while heading up the mountain.

It was nice to be out alone, and the sunrise was spectacular. The sun slowly rose above the San Gabriel Mountains and at the first saddle you could see the marine layer blanketing the foothills below.

Kroy was the first rider I saw this morning. He was pressed for time, Baptism at noon, so he said hello and quickly disappeared up the mountain. I thought to pick up the pace and hang with him, but I just didn't have the power today.

After Kroy, I passed one rider and was passed by another. Overall, it was a quiet ride and my body was still sore from my Beach Body "Insanity" workout. I was happy to see Fork Plus 8.25.

Heading down Mt. Baldy was another story. The road was chalk full of Cyclists heading up, lots of them! I wondered if there was an organized ride I wasn't aware of.

I made it home by 9:15, rounded up the kids and headed to the pool! So far my Saturday has been great!


GMR said...

6 am is really really really early to be ready to ride. Did I say 6 am was early to ride. Really.

Dude I may have gotten some cyclocross training in on the weekend. Can I enter as a team. One to hike and one to carry the bike?

So where is the picture taken. I don't recognize the fence.

BicycleFriends said...

I will have to show you where I took the picture. It was before first saddle. I think.

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