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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Glendora Mountain Road to Ice House Canyon (Geared)

After being sick and entirely off the bike for 6 days, I was chopping at the bit to get some type of ride in.  Saturday I watched the CX Worlds in Kentucky and it got me even more pumped for an epic ride.

With that said, I decided on a ride to Ice House Canyon.  It would be enough to keep me entertained until next weekend's ride.  I woke up early and headed to GMR.  I had a bit of doubt on whether I would make it, but getting this shot below, was what kept me motivated.  

Once I entered the village I just kept going.  I felt good and didn't want to stop.  Once at Ice House, I snapped the picture below and was surprised how good I felt.  I think I could have kept going but didn't refill at the Post Office and was pressed to time. 

New goal for 2013, at least 2 to 5 trips to the lifts.

Today was beautiful on GMR.  There were many great photo ops, but I chose to refrain from taking any of them.  I only wanted one photo.  The photo that kept me going.  Funny how stupid ideas/things can keep you motivated.

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