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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Hardmen of Glendora Mountain Road

It was cold when I left the house this morning at 7 am.  How cold, I don't really remember but the snow level was low and the foothills were covered with a light white dusting.

Heading up to GMR, I was greeted by Matt and Annette (GlendoraMTNRoad.com).  They opted for the warmth of Matt's car, with beanie, jackets, and heated seats.  WIMPS, I say.  the Hardmen of GMR ride in all conditions.

John from Glendora, manned up and was heading up GMR.  I decided to ride with him.  We ended up riding a mile or two past the first saddle.  That was about as far as we could go before the snow and icy roads made our trek up impossible. 

Heading down the mountain was Hernan and Mike.  Mike took a fall on the slippery roads and both were walking down.  John and I walked down with them until it was safe to re-mount the bikes.

At the first saddle and while John and I headed down, John P, was making his way up GMR.  He was hauling a$$ and I only managed to take a blurry picture of him!  

There were a lot of riders heading up as we headed down. Tomorrow should be a better day to tackle GMR.

BTW - John, I road to Ice House Canyon last Sunday, which would explain why we never crossed paths.

Michael W, this is for your Centerline Rule! The Centerline was a dangerous place this morning.

Riding in the snow was a great treat.  Its always nice to see Annette and Matt.  John P you were moving, and as one of few fixie riders up GMR. you are making a name for yourself.  John from Glendora, it was nice having company as I made my way up!  Send me and email and we'll ride again.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Looks slippery. Glad to read you made it safely down. And thanks for the pic. The riding at Bonelli was far less exciting this morning.

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