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Monday, February 25, 2013

Santa Barbara Gibraltar Road

Over the weekend Jamie and I spent some time in Santa Barbara.  While Jamie was out doing Zumba Training, I rode up Gibraltar Road. 

It was a great climb with absolutely spectacular views of the ocean.  If you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara, I highly recommend this climb. 

If you are used to riding Glendora Mountain Road, you can certainly do this ride. I was pretty jazzed about riding Gibraltar Road, so it didn't seem all that difficult and the view (Oh the views) were a wonderful distraction. 

With every turn, I had to pull the camera out.  Jamie gives me a hard time about all the memory I take up with my photos but I couldn't help it.  Click, click, click... I was snapping pictures like crazy!

The Route: 

I started this ride on Cabrillo Blvd and State Street.  I headed up State Street to Los Olivos Street.  You will go past the Mission to Mountain Drive.  Head up Mountain Drive until you come to Gibraltar Road.  From Gibraltar Road you just start heading up. From Gibraltar Road I took a left on E Camino Cielo. E Camino Cielo continues on the ridgeline.  From E Camino Cielo I took a left and headed down Painted Cave Road, then across San Marcos Road to Cathedral and eventually to Las Positas Road.  I followed Las Positas Road to Cliff Drive and eventually made my way back to the beach!

At Painted Cave and Manzanita you can refill your water bottles.   Be cautious descending Painted Cave the road is narrow.

Once you make it back to the beach there are a number of good places to eat.  I always recommend Brophy's.


Michael said...

Nice. The years I was at school there I never rode Gibraltar. Nor have I since. Next weekend for sure.

BicycleFriends said...

Its a great view at the top. If you choose to continue on the Camino Cielo, head down Painted Cave and cross over San Marcos Road. I am told the 154 can be scary.

I can't wait to here your tale.

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