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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diamond Bar to Newport Beach - Fixed

Yesterday Michael and I rode to the beach.  It was an early ride, on the road by 5:30 am, but it was well worth it. 

I get a bit of anxiety, whenever we start from Mike's house.  You see, Mike lives at the very top of Grand Ave., in DB and it's no joke of a hill climb. After 68 plus miles of riding, this last bit of climbing hurts so bad. 

With that said, when we headed out I was tired and feeling anxious.  The anxiety wore off as we made our way through Brea Canyon and Kraemer Blvd.  By SART, it was a distant memory.

Once on SART we were greeted with a monster of a headwind.  The headwind slowly wore me down and I was beat by the time we made it to Newport.  I did my best and my portion of the pulls to get us closer to Newport but with each mile, that darn headwind wouldn't let up.

I needed to be home and in my house by 10:30. It was Adam's last soccer game of the Spring season so the stop off in Newport was short.  I ate, Mike went to the bathroom and we were off, heading back the way we came.

On SART, Mike's speed kept creeping up and by Glassell he was cruising at 24 mph.  I held on as long as I could but eventually dropped off his pace.

On the streets and heading back to Brea Canyon a group of roadies shouted out, "Get some gears!"  I took this as a compliment as we were 60 miles into our epic fixed gear ride. 

On Brea Canyon, I started to feel some minor cramping so I slowed down a bit.  Mike rode on and we met up just before Diamond Bar Blvd.  From there we rode together back to his house.

We finished this ride in just under 4 hours.  I was home in plenty if time to catch Adam's final soccer game of the season. 

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