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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Keirin Racing: 5 Fun Facts

Keirin Racing: 5 Fun Facts
HCC Medical Insurance Services
Jarred Juett
Link: http://www.hccmis.com/blog/keirin-racing-5-fun-facts/

Keirin racing is a Japanese phenomenon almost as old as modern sporting itself. An over-the-top combination of athleticism, gambling, glory-seeking, and tradition, Keirin has provided Japanese cyclists a place to strategically compete on their bikes for more than half a century. It’s a mega-budget sport, grossing funds in excess of $10 billion dollars in ticket sales alone, and that’s before the federally administrated gambling is taken into account.

Japanese Keirin racing is simpler than it lets on. Though there is some strategy to bicycle pacing, the sport mainly involves a set number of cyclists following a lead pacer over four laps. At the final, fifth lap, the pacer pulls off of the track as the bikers make a mad dash to the finish for prizes and national glory.

If the overview of Keirin racing is interesting to you, we’ve compiled a list of five fun and unusual facts about the sport. Click Here to Continue Reading ...

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