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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Santa Barbara Weekday Getaway

Jamie and I spent a few days in Santa Barbara this week.  As usual, the weather was great and much of our time was spent either on the bike or on foot.

We did an epic bike ride that took us in the hills just above the mission and ended on the pier.  This ride helped us really explore Santa Barbara in a away a car would never allow.  We rode to the original UCSB college in the hills and, just above the mission, is a natural history museum I know the kids will love. 

We briefly visited the mission and took a tour of the SB Superior Court building.  the superior court building is a must see if you are in SB.  Its simply beautiful and the tour helped to explain a lot about both SB, California history and its Spanish influences. The SB Superior Court offers free daily tours @ 2:00 pm.

Of course we ate ate our favorite restaurant, Brophy Bros and ventured to a new place, The Brew House for some late night drinks and appetizers.  I had their golden honey ale, it was strong but really good.  I also recommend their roasted artichoke. 

Jamie and I are not really into Italian cuisine, but on our last visit we ate at a place called Pascucci.  We loved the risotto so much we had to go back again.  They offer decent prices with good portions.  Jamie and I split the risotto and a salad. 

Everyday we would make our way past the gigantic Moreton Bay Fig Tree near the Train Depot.  This is a definite must see.  It looks prehistoric to me with its giant limbs and roots extending up and out in all directions.  

Our Santa Barbara trip was a nice way to cut up the week.  If you are a Southern California local and looking for a quick getaway, I will always recommend Santa Barbara.  If you are into cycling there are many clubs and bike shops you can connect with for ride advice.  And if you decide to go solo and find yourself lost just get to State Street and head south.  This will always lead you to the beach. 

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