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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Heart Ailment Forces Niels Albert to Retire

Heart Ailment Forces Niels Albert to Retire
Chris Fontecchio
Link: http://www.podiumcafe.com/2014/5/19/5731156/heart-ailment-forces-niels-albert-to-retire

"In a stunning development, two-time Cyclocross World Champion Niels Albert of Belgium announced his retirement today due to a potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmia. The problem was discovered recently during a medical check-up in preparation for the 2014 cyclocross season, and confirmed during a second check. While there is no mention of which type of arrhythmia Albert has (there are several types), it is one which should allow him to lead a normal life but which places that life at risk of cardiac arrest during high intensity activities, cyclocross being exhibit A in that category.

Albert was devastated. At a news conference in Leuven, he announced his decision to the world.

"This sudden farewell for myself and my surroundings a very heavy sledgehammer. Last season was one with many ups and downs. I was eager to be there next season, with a reborn Niels Albert. A great year."

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