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Monday, September 15, 2008

Marshal Canyon: The Face of Jump Trail

These two crashes actually happened about a year ago. The first crash was nicely done, I'd call it a slow speed over the shoulder roll. Jerry was applying to much rear brake and his bike started drifting. He must have known he was in trouble and ditched the bike with a nice roll that landed on his feet. I deleted the audio but I was laughing the whole time.

The next crash was pretty amazing. Scott was the last to ride down the face. He waited at the top of the trail for awhile. We all shouted out our best advice. Jerry shouted, "don't use your brakes, you can stop when you get down at the bottom." I don't remember what I said but after a few minutes, Scott decided to go. For 90% of the ride down he looked in control. It wasn't until the last few feet things started to go awry. At the bottom of the face he took a line a little to the right which resulted in two things; His front shock bottomed out and his rear wheel "bounced" up. This caused him to lose balance and started the ejection process. The video doesn't do much justice but he slid about 15 feet. It was like he was diving into home plate!

What the video doesn't show. After the 15 foot slide, Scott jumps to his feet and shouts, "Safe!" We instantly laugh and Scott suddenly teeters off balance. The adrenaline wears off Scott realizes he's hurt and pretty scratched up. The cleans up and we head back down the trail to Oak Mesa.

IIRC I think Scott ended up with a busted chain and bee sting. All and all it wasn't his day out.

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